Is Call of Duty KIA? A Look at the Past, Present and Future of Call of Duty

Call of Duty by many standards has been and still is one of the most popular games in the gaming world. Every year we see a new iteration of the franchise and every year gamers from around the world put their honed skills to the test and battle it out year after year. Unfortunately, that popularity has been weighed down by many things, namely it’s unoriginal and cookie cutter tendencies. This year, we will see the 12th main title in the franchise with many different sub-series’ along the way, and even that is the fourth part of the Black Ops series (can’t forget World at War). What we expect this year will be the same as last year with a few more things thrown into the mix, but is this year the year gamers have had enough of Call of Duty? Personally, it feels as though this franchise has finally waved the white flag in defeat.

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marloc_x1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

My favorite is still Finest Hour ☺
Good read!

venom061225d ago

lets be honest... and we know CoD fanboys dont wanna hear this, but this really NOTHING else CoD can do that it hasn't already done. It's done the past already, it's done modern times already, its done future already, they done exo suit hopping through the air like grasshoppers already.. there honestly really isn't anything else for them to do except copy from other games or rehash the same crap all over again..

JMyers1225d ago

COD in Space? COD with Dinosaurs? COD with Zombies... oh wait. COD with...

ScorpiusX1225d ago

Not KIA ,just not a priority for a select few , with so many releases arriving this fall.

iTechHeads1225d ago

Yeah well BO3 will easily be the best selling game of the year.

ScorpiusX1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Never Question it's ability to sell , just stated that it's not a priority to a select few .

iTechHeads1225d ago

You made it sound like people won't have time for COD this year, which is never the case. There's always a ton of releases in the holidays. There's always competition but COD always manages to be the best seller.

Null1225d ago

What I'd like to know is, who is disagreeing with fact? AW was selling out and made ACTIV 1B last year..(iirc).. I've been playing since B01 when I was a freshman in HS(I didn't buy ghosts.. I took a break for a year) . Everyone I knew then and now are getting. BO3.

ScorpiusX1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

I won't have time for it cause am using my money to support first party games. If I have time after am done with first party games , I'll see what's worth getting in 3rd party game offering.

joab7771225d ago

I still think, of any game can actually revive itself with a remaster, it's CoD. If they released the following, it would outsell the other annual CoD release.

The 1st 2 CoD's sp campaigns, maybe WaW also (or MW3 possibly). But the multiplayer is 24 of the best maps and setup, voted by us, with full customization etc. Mayne even a few zombie maps of old.

fanboysmackdown1225d ago

I'm done with COD unless they went back to WWII.

Rookie_Monster1225d ago

Meh...haven't touch a COD game since Black Ops 1. This series is on a downward slope ever since. Will once again pass on it this year. There are already too many other great shooters that will be out this year.

bmwfanatic1225d ago

Guess what cod will sell more than any other shooter released this year. Only one that may compete with it is star wars.

Rookie_Monster1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

So is a Justin Beaber album outselling many great deserving musician. So what is your point?

DOn't confuse selling more as 'Great". Wii Fit sold millions last gen. 22.5 millions to be exact. Enough said.

bmwfanatic1225d ago

Millions of people enjoy Justin bieber. Do I? Nope but its their right and their opinion to support him. Same as cod in your opinion it may be bad but guess to the people who buy their opinion is just as valid as yours. Nice try though. And yes in video games and music and any other retail industry sales do matter. Cod is the bestselling shooter every year and that wont change anytime soon.

TheUndertaker851225d ago

Black Ops 3 will probably outsell everything else this year including Star Wars.

Hell, the only thing that seems to compete when sold in the same year or timeframe is GTA.

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