Rise of the Tomb Raider will take Lara Croft’s hair to new heights

Lara Croft finds herself in another hair-y situation in Rise of the Tomb Raider, where she will be more detailed and realistic than ever according to game director Brian Horton.

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nidhogg1132d ago

....or maybe to new 'depths' heh heh heh.

TheLoCoRaven1132d ago

I tried to get it . . . then regretted it when I thought about hair inside places.

nix1132d ago

I really feel sorry for TR devs.. After watching UC4 E3 extended gameplay.

And yes.. Hair of Lara should be the least thing they should be boasting about.

KarmaV121132d ago

Why? I'm sure they believe in their own abilities to produce an amazing game, and from what I've seen they are clearly on track for accomplishing that. I don't see what was so special about the UC4 gameplay. It looked fantastic of course, but I don't see how you are going to immediately compare it to TR. Unless... oh, now I understand.

Nick_The_Slick1132d ago

Nix - i really feel bad for people like you that can't appreciate more than one good game in a specific genre..

Emilio_Estevez1131d ago

Depths -> Tombs -> They are underground, not above (to new heights)

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KakashiHotake1132d ago

You guys all got it wrong. UC$ and TombRaider are both gonna be great games. The only real difference is that one is coming out on PS4 and the other Xbox One. From what I've ssen they both look great and a lot of fun. UC3 and the 1st TombRaider were both amazing games, no reason the sequels will be any less.

TearsOfARapper841132d ago

Get out of N4G with your words of reason!

Nick_The_Slick1132d ago

Your logic confuses and excites me!

Skate-AK1131d ago

I have all 4 Uncharted platinums and the plat for Tomb Raider. They are all great games and I will be buying TR day one when it comes to PS4.

Meltic1132d ago

Yeah meaby the new hair physixs will ''pop'' out through the jeans lol

TheLoCoRaven1132d ago

Finally!!! I've been waiting forever to see her with her hair spiked!!!

Rookie_Monster1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Can't wait! The last Tomb Raider was so good that I bought it twice (on PC and the definitive version on PS4). This and Fallout 4 will occupy my time in November.

WizzroSupreme1132d ago

Well, that's good. She does have some very nice hair.

PickAShoe1132d ago

L'oreal because you're worth it.

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The story is too old to be commented.