What Dark Souls 3 can learn from the previous From Soft games

From Software's Souls games and Bloodborne have an amazingly intuitive, challenging gameplay formula, fascinating worlds to explore, and brutal enemy encounters to overcome. From Demon's Souls to the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne, each of From's action RPGs is built around the same, challenging philosophies while managing to feel fresh by adding new features and tweaks here and there (for better or for worse). Now Dark Souls 3 is on the way, and there are a few things the next game should learn from the previous entries.

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RJ92009927d ago

I love the souls series liked each one and I can't wait for ds3 it's my most hype game now!!

joab777927d ago (Edited 927d ago )

I love every idea except bringing back DS2's multiplayer. DS2 and BB had it wrong. Have an option for those who want DemS and DS type multiplayer...invasions from the beginning. You don't have to play online. Even if it's some covenant u join at the start. This is HUGE!!

Definitely bring in some of BB's combat, even of its a type of rogue class that's faster.

Also, make each class as different as possible, slow,bulky turtle class, fast rogue, magic, and a ranged character. Bring in as much customization as possible, meaning that every stat matters.

And, progress BB's endgame. I would love an endgame in DS3. Something like Dragons Dogma maybe, a gauntlet of extremely difficult bosses that only the best of the best can slay, maybe they can't even be attempted on a ng, or ng+. Mayne you need to get really strong to even attempt it. It can be separate from the sp for the nuts that think they can do it naked at level 4.

RJ92009927d ago (Edited 927d ago )

Mmmm I like a lot of those ideas but yeah I do wish they would go back to the old no. can't wait to play ds in a real open world. I'm so excited for this game I just hope and pray it's not going to let me down.

Old_Boss_927d ago

Demon's Souls atmosphere, Dark Souls 1 PvE and Boss Designs , Dark Souls 2 PvP.

VerminSC927d ago

I'm excited about faster combat. My favorite part about bloodborne is how fast and fluid the combat is.

Xavior_Reigns927d ago

I agree, it doesn't need to be as fast as BB but a little more fluidity would be nice for DS3.

NeonEnigma927d ago

I dont want the souls series to change too much, but i would welcome

• a more streamlined way to co op/pvp system
• ability to pvp all over the map, no hot spots
• npcs lips/mouth move when they talk

Xavior_Reigns927d ago

It's the little things that annoy even if they play no large part. But it is 2015, mouth animations should be standard.

Summons75927d ago

Well if Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne taught us anything it's the more like Demon's Souls the better.

LAWSON72927d ago (Edited 927d ago )

Despite what DeS fanboys say the secret to becoming the best Souls game is not just copying DeS.

Summons75926d ago

I didn't say copy, I said be more like it and get inspired by it. It's still the best in the series so why not? I'd die happy if they released it on Ps4 like they did Dark Souls 2. I'm really wishing that they would allow a box set of Dark and Demon's to be released together...but I could see how that could be complicated too.

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