GamersPlatform: Siren: Blood Curse Episode 3 Review

GamersPlatform Writes:

"We've learned in Episode 2 that Howard Wright wasn't wounded after that shot he got from the police officer. The end of Episode 2 left us with Bella stuck in an abandoned hospital. Now where are her parents? What happened to them? What will be the role of the Japanese person with the shotgun that was shown during the preview of Episode 3? With Howard finding himself in the middle of a swamp, what dangers await him?"

*Review might contain spoilers. Episode summaries will be available July 30, 2008.

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unrealgamer583709d ago

hel yeah bout to download right now

Dir_en_grey3709d ago

Giving away the story and basically giving a recap of what happens is not called a "review", it's called a synopsis or basically to us gamers, it's simply called "Spoilers"... Especially in a game like this where "not knowing" is the main fun factor.

Warning people about spoilers after the fact doesn't help either.

Tons of reviewers can review the graphics, gameplay, scary factor without giving away any part of the story, I'm sure you can too. Be more pro about it if you are gonna be a reviewer.

Lavitz19893709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Lol... How can the review giving away the story? Lol Those are hypothetical question... lol...

Have u even played the game? So the trailer at the end of each episode is a spoiler and therefore shouldn't be shown? Lol....

Oh, isn't a review consists of story, gameplay, music, and replayability? So "reviewers" can't rate the story because "they're giving away the story"? Lol.. But yea thank's for telling the author that he can't review that's why he's been doing it for the past 3 years lol *sarcasm*

and why would you read Episode 3 review if you have not played episode 1 and 2? Of course that will spoil some of it.... It's the same way the episode review goes on TV series... U basically recap what Episode 2 was all about... and preview the initial storyline of the episode 3...