Nintendo Caring About Hardcore Gamers Is Good For Everyone


"Since Nintendo has come out and apologized for not appealing to the "core" gamer with their E3 conference, a major argument I've been hearing in several places is that Nintendo doesn't HAVE to care about hardcore gamers. They're doing just fine without them, so why bother?"

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theusedfake3584d ago

of course, but honestly they're making
so much money that they really don't have
to worry about us "hardcore" gamers. I do
think that they'll have to continue the
casual gaming trend for at least another system,
because they've more or less turned their backs
on the hardcore. The hardcore gamers aren't really
all that forgiving lol. Just like the guy
that was all sorts of pissed about FFXIII
and made the video about it.

ChickeyCantor3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

" so much money that they really don't have
to worry about us "hardcore" gamers"

But who says this is true? That, because of the money, they don't care?
Money is easily lost too you know.
Its a company so they would not mind getting our money too, the more consumers the better for them.

From a business stand point its just stupid too miss that kind of money.

They said how it is now, not spilling any info unless they think its worth showing, do you blame them? "core" gamers demand allot.

SaiyanFury3584d ago

Of course they don't have to apologize. They're getting the money they want and don't have to care about the core gamers. Casuals are happy to shell out money for something they think looks good on the box art even if the game is a complete travesty of gameplay. Casuals don't know how to distinguish good games from bad ones for the most part so they don't mind. Not to mention the gimmicky stuff like WiiMusic and the like will appeal to them. Nintendo will continue to ride the sequel train for it's popular series', but new IPs that appeal to core gamers are long gone, I think.

thebudgetgamer3584d ago

when another underpowered console compared to the other two consoles on the market at the time was dominating in sales and controlled the casual audience allowing for a flood of bad games witch allmost led to the downfall of video games now nintendo is on the way to flooding the market with shovelware to the point where even good games get caught in the tidal wave of mediocre software and with them doing so well its my fear that the other comapnys will follow in nintendos lead and at some point we are destined to repeat the crash of 83

SaiyanFury3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

I certainly see your point, BudgetGamer, but I don't think the same thing will happen. Sony and Microsoft know their real money is made from core gamers who buy lots of quality software and usually ignore the 'shovelware', as people seem to have dubbed it. Most core gamers can easily distinguish the good from the bad and shovelware usually doesn't do so well. Sony have said it themselves, that they have no intention of copying Nintendo. Although MS seems much more attracted to the casual market just because of the potential for profit. That's not to say that Sony doesn't want a piece of the pie, but just as big of one.

orakga3584d ago

While I agree with both of you, a couple of things make this situation different from the 80s:

1) Back then, the Atari practically had a monopoly. So, when the Atari crashed, the entire industry crashed. Likewise, if we only had the Wii to depend on today, I would definitely be worried about a market crash. But we (fortunately) have other platforms too. If anything, the Wii will crash by itself. Yes, it will be isolated. (see point #2 for additional explanations)

2) Unlike the 80s, the market is now supported by nearly 300 million gamers, and many of them are HIGHLY EXPERIENCED. As long as you have these "smarter" consumers, good content will continue to find ways to flourish.

And really, the ONLY way the videogame industry will crash is if EVERYBODY gets sick of playing videogames. I personally can't see that happening. As long as GOOD AND CREATIVE COMPANIES continue to make games that we can't resist playing and buying... there is NO WAY the videogame industry will crash like the 80s.

Or at least we all hope so. =)

Voiceofreason3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Yes because Core gamers want games like Blues Clues, My little Pony, Six Flags fun park,Sing it,Spongbob,Bratz, Ribbit King,CID the dummy,Harvest Moon, HAsbro Family game night,Jimmy nuetron, Hot Wheels,Jumper, Whirl Tour,Rugrats, Postman Pat, Drone Racing, etc. I could go on.. So thats all for hardcore gamers? It's funny because you act like you know what you are talking about but anyone who honestly looked at the PS2 library would be a fool to say it was completely for core gamers.XBOX yeah I'll give you that but Wii is following in PS2's footsteps and there is nothing wrong with that. Had PS3 actually taken off and not been so high to develop for a lot of those games that you claim are th fall of gaming would be on PS3. SOme how when that does happen it will be your proof that PS3 has achieved mass market success, For Wii to get them though means the end of gaming. If thats not blind bias I do not know what is. Oh and one last thing. Its ok for FF13, GTA8, MGS4, etc thats ok but how dare the release 6 Metroid games in 30 years... How dare they make 9 Mario platformers in 30 years.. NO its ok to have 6 Guitar heroes in 3 though..

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jeffaustin903584d ago

I think that a crash will be needed eventually. Gamers are getting too greedy, wanting everything all at once (real-life graphics, online play, etc.). Graphics can only get so good, and eventually they will plateau. People will complain, and a crash will be inevitable. But I think a crash is needed. The crash of 83 did wonders for the video game industry, it basically created the industry. That's what we need, another revolution. And if what it takes is for the industry to hit rock bottom, then so be it. Every great civilization must fall in order for the next one to be born.

orakga3584d ago

I hope you guys can all tell that Nintendo "apologizing" to the hardcore gamers is nothing more than a face-saving gesture.

Nintendo does not have the ability nor the intent of winning back the hardcore gamers. They lost them during the N64 vs. PS1 war, and as long as they come out with low-spec consoles, they never will be able to regain their full attention.

Them coming out and apologizing is meant to create the ILLUSION that they might start to care, but deep down they really don't. If the latest gaffes by their highest executives don't make that obvious enough, I dont know what will.

No surprise here though, right?

Voiceofreason3584d ago

Funny how you talk about low spec consoles but it was the PS1 and PS2 that were the weakest of their gen and the hardcore flocked to them over the more powerful cube.First time Nintendo did it but you act as if it's that way for their entire gaming history. Then lets compare the library on PS1 and PS2 to the Wii. Sure Wii does have some kids games and shovel ware, but where did it come from? Answer is the PS1 and PS2. I can sit here all day and name off shovelware on PS1 and PS2. It's now only an issue to people because its the Wii that is getting those games and not PS. Lair is this gens ET yet I dont hear you guys crying over the PS3. I am sure that part of the reason you feel the way you do is you get your info through word of mouth rather than actually going out and getting it from reliable sources.

M_Prime3584d ago

they may be appoligizing because they have something in the works that will blow us away but they weren't ready for it.

lets face it.. Nintendo does no show anything to us unless its almost 90% finished. I remember when the DOJO came up for BRAWL and we were getting reports from different places that the game could launch already.. Nintendo only shows stuff thats done and maybe the CORE games are just not done and they feel bad because they see we (the hardcore) feel let down but i'm sure something is coming.

Nintendo does not put out crap software.. period.. maybe kiddie in some sense but everything is solid about it or as solid as it gets..

A game that takes a long time to come out but is good will always be good, a bad game will always be bad..

kesvalk3584d ago

ppl need to remeber that we are in the the first and a half year of Wii.

go see the games that lauched in the first and a half year for PS1 and 2

you will see plenty of shovelware and really bad games, except for first party games and some gems (really few of them), and look at the Wii.

we will see what will happen this generation after two more years, we will need to wait until there...

the problem is that fanboys want everything at the same time (like all the good titles like FF13, MGS4, GoW3, DMC 4,5,6 [cuz they launch a lot of then per generation] and everything else on day one)

ppl like this make me sick...

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