Gamernode: Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 Review

Gamernode writes: "Trauma Center 2 is the same game we fell in love with on the DS, but with much better gameplay. If that doesn't already have you running to pick up a copy, let me explain.

One of the biggest complaints anyone had with any of the past Trauma Center games was the (at times) shoddy programming not registering the right movements, and the huge degree of difficulty. Trauma Center 2 solves those.

Unlike the original, or two Wii iterations, Trauma Center 2 seems to be a finely tuned machine. I made note in my reviews of the other Trauma Center titles that they were fun-but difficult, and at times you'd be so pissed at the game not believing you made the right motion or drew the right stroke that you'd throw your DS/remote. Atlus seems to have listened to the throngs of Trauma Center faithful who complained of the same things, because in Trauma Center 2 I ran into far less issues where I could blame the game and not just my own surgical ineptitude."

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