Grip (Rollcage spiritual successor) 1st trailer PC / PS4

Grip is a futuristic combat racing game that has competitors battle across diverse landscapes of distant worlds. Inspired by the Rollcage games of 1999 and 2000, Grip takes that heady cocktail of awesome weaponry and insane speed to a whole new level.

Only just finishing pre-production, the prototype you see in the video and stills here has been developed by just two people, but two is not nearly enough to take the game to completion.

Kickstarter coming soon. Prospected platforms: PC, PS4

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Stinkinmushroom1259d ago

Cant wait to play this! This needs all our support! Only 2 devs right now and it already looks amazing!

Crimzon1259d ago

It does look great but I hope the game has some actual color, because the brown/gray coloring really is dreary. Would be nice to maybe see some purple/red sky and storms brewing.

Stinkinmushroom1259d ago

On their forums they are talking about different environments :) So We can expect last of colors. This trailer is just from 1 track

KyRo1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

It was only yesterday when I was playing Rocket League driving up the walls I thought, damn why hasn't there been another roll cage game. I'm more glad to see a good old arcade racer on next gen tbh. Nearly everything on PS4 so far has been sim/half sim. I miss my Burnouts, Split Seconds, good NFS, Mototstorms etc.

hitman221259d ago

Love the missile effects

Stinkinmushroom1259d ago

Yeah the particle effects look really nice aswell.

Xavior_Reigns1259d ago

That was wicked, I'm so in!

waltyftm1259d ago

That looked great, loved a bit of Rollcage bitd.

memots1259d ago

First kickstarter that I'll be part off

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