Formula One Championship Edition Preview

From Gamespy: "Formula One Championship Edition is more or less guaranteed a huge response in those parts of the world where Formula One racing is bigger, but in the US, this isn't a sure thing. I was happy to see Sony bringing a game that isn't necessarily a mega-smash into the US, and I was equally happy to see that it's actually shaped up to be a good-looking, hardcore racer.

The word "hardcore" is important there. During their preview event, the game's team was careful not to even use the word "arcadey." It is possible to adjust a great many of the game's settings to create a much more approachable experience, but they prefer the term "pick up and play," not arcadey. And after some playtime, I think it's actually an important difference. Even with driving aids on, damage more or less off, and a drive line pulsing on the road in front of me -- in green where I should accelerate, and red for a recommended slowdown -- the game still demanded a great deal more driving finesse than any Burnout or Ridge Racer does. It's an important difference because this is an F1 game. It should be hard. It should force you to be a better driver. And it should have every single team and circuit."

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marcusfenix4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

Deleted by mod: (Please talk about F1 and not Xbox 360, thank you)

bambam19014383d ago

Let's please get rid of fanboys once and for all.

r10004384d ago

OH for crying out loud.... people (mainly xbox fans) please shut the hell up [email protected]#$%... mine is better than yours... yours is better than mine....

I have all 3 next gens, and they are all fine... right now Zelda Twilight Princess on the wii is getting most of my attention....

THAMMER14384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

But when an Xbox fan boy post at anti PS3fan boy remark it is not directed to you. I used to be neutral until I realized that the Sony fan boys that post the most are the biggest liars around so I post some stuff just to see them go crazy and to help prove the lies false. No lies or Pat per view wrestler talk no negative post or comments from THAMMER1. So I think you should relax BRO.

THAMMER14384d ago

This games rocks hard. FU(K. the shadows and all that crap this is a good game all around.

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Gears4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

This site is strict, the mod must love his PS3. I guess you can;t express your opinion on the internet anymore last I check people were protected by freedom of speech in the United States. I guess Marcus Fenis will lose another bubble. Thats why this site needs to have a forum so people can argue about the superiority of the 360.

DJ4384d ago

'Freedom of Speech' isn't written in the constitution. Only 'Freedom of Press'. The moderators are strict, impartial, and for good reason. It's their site, and we're just guests.

ironwolf4384d ago

The First (1st, numero uno A-number one) Amendment reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press."

You must have gone to public school.

Bill Gates4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

The United States doesn't own the "Internet" you Moron.

If I owned this site, I would kick all of you sh!t bags out.

DJ4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

Actually, my English 32 professor told us otherwise. Guess he was wrong. And why are you implying that those who can't afford private school are inferior?

ironwolf4382d ago

the schools. I've watched, with disgust, as they've degenerated for almost 40 years.

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