What If Gaming: SIREN: Blood Curse Review: Splendidly Morbid

What If Gaming writes: "Take a peek at the moon, and find its bloodshot red. Look everywhere and there's nothing but darkness. Horror has never been this lucid. Screams are enervate once you find yourself in Hanuda, the long lost village of the unbeknownst. No screams can be heard, and everyone is left to fend for themselves. The SIREN: Blood Curse story begins with an American television crew that arrives in Japan to investigate and document the legend of Hanuda on August 3, 2007. This is the day everyone goes missing. Things are wrong here, and our ambitious explorers try to figure out the curse behind the entire town across a series of 12 ingeniously presented episodes. From there, four chapters form to create remarkable parallel scenarios. In this village, human sacrifices have been deemed to have taken place years before and it seems that time wasn't the end of a lurid and vivifying journey into what it takes to really survive the odds."

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Playstation Man3641d ago

I suggest everyone who has not done so yet to pick this game up. Very good and creepy gameplay experience!

ghostface3641d ago

Will this game come out on blu-ray.

The gaming GOD3641d ago

But I'm trying to hold off until the bluray version comes to the U.S. And that's IF it does (since it's only in bluray for japan right now)

I guess I could import it since it has American dialogue. But still I'd rather not if I don't HAVE to

achira3641d ago

really awesome game. i think it is a really next gen game!

BananaSlug3641d ago

how many hours will this game take to complete?

KidMakeshift3641d ago

I just beat it. Took a little over 10hrs

The game is one of the best looking games for next gen. The amount of detail and atmosphere effects they put in the environments is incredible. However, it only has about 8 stages which you have to play over and over with each character. The story makes no sense. The last chapter is absolutely ridiculous (total acid trip)

Dir_en_grey3641d ago

It's always a tradition of Siren to let the player figure out what happened and not tell the story to you in a straight manner. You are supposed to collect and read/view/explore the archive items which will tell you more stuff for you to put the pieces together. It's part of the fun of the game.

And the archive items although not directly in game it does add up to the Siren "play time" or "experience" is probably a better way to put it. Plus completing them can take multiple tries at each stage.

Completing the archive and beating it in hard always gets you an extra stage in the previous two games. So it's not really a game you just play through it once and have your 10+ and that's it.

I haven't finished Blood Curse yet so hopefully they have the extra stage like the first two.

KidMakeshift3640d ago

I've played the first two

I'm glad they got rid of the hidden objectives, but at the same time, the new game is very straight forward in it's gameplay

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monet man3641d ago

do not waste your cash on this just wait for resident evil 5!!!!!!!!

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