Epic Indie Sale Announced for Wii U eShop

Nintendo has announced the Epic Indie Sale. This sale, which will run from July 9th to July 23rd, will include a total of 14 Wii U indie games from 7 studios. This sale will take place in both Europe and North America and will discount each of the 14 games in the promotion by 60%.

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MSBAUSTX1228d ago

If the prices are what I am thinking they will be then I may actually be picking up the mighty switch force games. I have heard they are good and they look fun. Kinda hoping pushmo world or whatever it is called is on there. I have never played one but they looked fun as well.

Metallox1228d ago

Get the Mighty Swtich Force! games. They are way too good in my opinion, it's really satisfying to finish the levels just in time after so many failed attempts. Although, I'm not going to deny it, there are not so many rewards, so they may feel a bit lackluster.

Metallox1228d ago

Really nice, just got Swords & Soldiers, Toki Tori and Rush for less than four dollars. Not bad for being console prices.

I'll try to get Shantae, I can't wait for that game. Such a shame Affordable Space Adventures isn't here, looks really nice, though a bit expensive for me.

TheLoCoRaven1228d ago

I've been waiting for the NES Remixes to go on sale . . . and the wait continues.

Blink_441228d ago

Cool I've been waiting for Shantae to go on sale.