N4G Indie Game Month - This is not an Ad

Christopher writes: Indie Game Month is back and we feel that a lot of N4G users are missing out on seeing what developers are saying.

Each day of Indie Game Month, we here at N4G will be hosting blogs with interviews, write-ups, developer blogs, and even daily contests to celebrate independent developers. We also, in lieu of our usual monthly contests, have put together a PS4 and XBO bundle that you could win by just commenting about the Indie developers we're hosting during the month.

We hope you take the time to check out the independent developers being shown each day -- just click the link below. If not to win anything then at least to get a bit more in depth information on their games and their studios.

Thank you!

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generic-user-name1255d ago

I'll read whatever you put out about No Man's Sky.

Christopher1255d ago

Tried to get them, but they're busy with other things post-E3 (look at IGN's week of them) and with Sony handling their PR... Just couldn't get it to happen at this time. They are in extremely high demand and we're not the usual 'news creation' site like others.

generic-user-name1255d ago

Fair enough, NMS is big for an indie game.

Germany71255d ago

Indie Month is great, i'm loving it.

BillytheBarbarian1255d ago

Indies have become a cesspool of mimicked retro games. People who bought new generation hardware really don't care to play some cheesy Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis knock offs.

There are so many games out that it's overwhelming. Then trying to find one or two good games out of 1000 is too much work. Poor quality control is killing Indies.