New FlatOut game to be released in 2016

VVV : "A new entry in the destruction derby-style racing game franchise FlatOut is due for release sometime next year.

Due to be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the new FlatOut game will be developed by Kylotonn Games, the same studio working on this year's licensed WRC title."

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crazychris4124886d ago

Doubt its gonna achieve the same magic from the games Bugbear made. Should be interesting next year since Bugbear's next game will be released next year, currently in early access.

MooseyXTC886d ago

Wow, Fallout 4 and then ANOTHER game the following year?
Bethesda really are sinking.

Der_Kommandant886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

Sony you need to bring back Destruction Derby.

EeJLP-886d ago

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction is the best demolition/destruction derby game. We need EoD2 and EoD remastered.

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