Time Uses Survey To Slam Kate Upton Mobile Ads, But Sex Still Sells

One Angry Gamer "Time recently published an article slamming Machine Zone Games’ titillating ads for their mobile strategy game Game of War. The cheap name that sounds similar to Game of Thrones and Gears of War was advertised heavily during Super Bowl season, featuring the busty supermodel Kate Upton. According to Time, the ads fail to represent the sensibilities of today’s young males… but according to real world revenue margins and daily active user statistics, sex still sells."

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waltyftm891d ago

She is stunning imo, love the Ads.

DualWielding891d ago

she's hot as hell and I enjoy the adds... that doesn't mean I'll play or spend money on their crappy game

Reddzfoxx890d ago

Not gonna lie I cant focus on what they are selling when she is in the ads. They went with someone way too beautiful in their commercials.

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RJ92009891d ago

I can't stand her she so fake.....

shloobmm3890d ago

You know this from personal experience?

RJ92009890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

Well looking at my disagree sex does sell and thats really sad..

ChouDa890d ago

What is a "disagree sex?" Sounds dirty...

Reddzfoxx890d ago

The only fake thing about her is her hair color. The rest of her is all woman.

TeamLeaptrade891d ago

I can't believe a mobile game like this could afford such a big ad, especially during the Super Bowl, that's impressive. They must have made a ton prior to the commercial.

Has anyone ever played the game? Is it even any fun?

shloobmm3890d ago

These mobile games bring in hundreds of millions of dollars with their in game purchases.

ChouDa890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

Whales. The mobile app gaming market is a monster. Went to GDC and got some stats on the most recent North American mobile gamers.

Total mobile gamers: ~140MM users
Whales (heavy payers): 6% paying >$10 per month, 8MM users
Moderate payers: 49% paying between $.01 to $9.99 per month, 69MM users
Non-payers: 45% spending nada per month, 65MM users

So, for NA alone, mobile games (all app games with microtransactions, not just this one) makes over $80MM a month. And that's just the whales!

Edit! Source if you guys want to take a look yourself:

Skate-AK890d ago

The game earns the devs around 1 million dollars a day. That's why a lot of devs are going mobile. They spent 45 million on the Kate Upton campaign. They could make a badass AAA game with that kind of budget.

hkgamer890d ago

from my own experience, it seems like it was one of the most heavily advertised mobile game I have seen.

I remember seeing the ads on facebook and on websites very frequently and it was definitely one of the most popular titles that literally survived by tricking others to click it thinking it was something else. now that they have kate upton they must be getting a ton more of new players.

rataranian891d ago

So what are you trying to tell me they just used her amazing sex appeal to advertise a cheap phone app game for a quick buck? Come on now no company would ever use that cheap marketing ploy. The game HAS to be awesome. Kate Uptons in the commercials. Obviously shes a hard core gamer since birth everyone knows that. ...You guys are really starting to talk crazy.


wraith4912891d ago

She definitely made me want to play with something, it just wasn't my phone.

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