Clueless Aussie Politicians on R Ratings, Game Violence, Fallout 3, Rape in Games

A panel of Australian politicians and pundits made a sorry show of themselves on ABC's Q&A program last night.

The rampant cluelessness begins when an audience member (sporting a Fallout 3 t-shirt) raises the issue of banned video games due to Australia's lack of an R18+ rating. The announcer mention the recent Fallout 3 ban, which was based on in-game drug use.

The panel's answers are astounding. Aside from their immediate willingness to censor games, they seem not to even be aware that Australia has a system for rating games. One member of the panel even raises the spurious "rape in games" issue - and almost seems to compare banned games to snuff films. Only Sen. Mark Arbib comes across as unbiased.

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yanikins1113713d ago

Lol. the first woman is an idiot. she bassically says that she would rather us be real criminals by importing the games ourselves and modding systems that are region locked than doing illegal things in a virtual world....

Stpid B*tch.