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Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"Sometimes you stumble upon a game that just gets it right. You weren't expecting it to, but the game just plain delivers a fun, exciting experience. This is what Rocket League brings to the table. Ever since I've started playing this game, I can't stop thinking about it and the strategies that go into playing it. Let's take a look into why Rocket League could be one of the best titles 2015 has to offer."

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GamingChip791232d ago

This game looks bad ass. It's part of this month's PS Plus games, right? This looks like the type of game where the people who are REALLY good at it are going to be a blast to watch.

Hopefully it gets tracking with the mass audience. Looks like it'll be fun to play.

NinjaRichParty1232d ago

Yep! It's part of the IGC. Totally worth the time to download it. Be aware that some PS4's are getting hot from the console working hard, but in my experience, my PS4 has stayed pretty cool. Nothing to crazy when it comes to temperature.

It's a great game. If the online was working for me, it probably would have gotten a 5. I love the time I've spent with it.

GamingChip791232d ago

Thanks for the heads up. That's kind of weird. I hope I don't run into the problem. I think the PS4 shuts off if it gets too hot, so that's good. Should prevent anything crazy from happening. Still annoying though. Haha.

I'll be sure to download the game tonight!

Nick_The_Slick1232d ago

They get hot while in game menus. Some bug in the code. Not during actual gameplay.

bradleejones1232d ago

I just tried it out, and it seems pretty bad ass. ;-) and its free fifty!

NinjaRichParty1232d ago

Exactly! Rocket League is turning out to be this year's Resogun.

scark921232d ago

This is defo one of my games of the year so far, loved the beta and loving the game itself! Nice to have fun focused games once and a while!

NinjaRichParty1232d ago

I agree. It's nice not to have to worry about a story, or characters, and just kick back and go brain dead for a little bit.

This game is just pure fun. Hoping to spread that message to as many people as possible.

KindaGrump1232d ago

Love this game! I didn't get in the Beta, but I've been gushing over it since I've downloaded it. So awesome we get this for "free" too.

The hats idea in this game is so dumb and I love it. Haha.

Cra2yey31232d ago

Beware of being in the menus too long as it stresses out the ps4 for some weird reason. Great game tho

KindaGrump1232d ago

I saw that's happening to people. That's weird that it is a thing. I really like the game though. Hopefully its not doing too much bad to peoples' consoles.

bradleejones1232d ago

I had to install an update, and I didn't notice any issue on menu. Maybe they patched it already?

NinjaRichParty1232d ago

Yeah. I saw that. That really sucks. My only real gripe with the game was the servers being so shaky. That's the only knock I had on it.

IIFloodyII1232d ago

I blame the awesome menu music, the PS4 just wants to dance, but it can't. ;-;

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Italiano12345671232d ago

It sure is. It's addicting as crack.

NinjaRichParty1232d ago

It really is! I hope that it stays this addicting!

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