Amiibo Restocks: Ness And King Dedede Figures Now Available In GameStop Stores

According to online reports, GameStop stores in North America have received restocks of the Ness and King Dedede amiibo

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Blink_441228d ago

Was able to get a Ness today! Now I just need robin and marth...

TheOpenWorlder1228d ago

Alright! lets waste money on little toys intended for toddlers!

Totoro171228d ago

Woahhhh!! Cool comment! Hey guys...did you see this guy's comment? WOAHHH!!

italiangamer1227d ago

He's such a BADASS!!! A 10 years old badass, thats what he is.

KindaGrump1228d ago

Kind of glad I back out of Amiibo. I just wasn't seeing the reason to keep on buying them.

_-EDMIX-_1228d ago

....I see Nintendo has turned into a toy company again...sad.

SilverClock1227d ago

I'm sure they're gone now though. I'm not even going to bother getting these until they can keep these properly stocked or people get tired of them. A lot more hassle than they're worth. It's ridiculous.