Fix for overheating PS4 systems with Rocket League found

If you're one of the unlucky Rocket League players who have had your PS4 overheat due to the game's menu screen, this fix will help you out.

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SniperControl1255d ago

That's good to hear, my PS4 sounds like my day one PS3(jumbo jet taking off).

scark921255d ago

Yeah I noticed mine get really noisy too!

TheBigShamona1254d ago

RIP to my Day one 60 gig ps3 that got cremated when my house burnt down as a teenager. Lets all take a moment to remember its everlasting spirit.

guitarded771254d ago

I'm not even chancing this game until they get a fix. With the FAT PS3, you don't have to worry about them when they're noisy... you have to worry when they're too quiet. That's what happened to me. The fan dies and it fried. RIP to Fatty. It was my favorite PS3. I have two 1st gen Slims too.

deadpoolio3161255d ago

So in other words you don't have a day one PS3....They NEVER sounded like a jumbo jet taking off, that was the 360...I know I have an actual day one PS3 and its not that loud...

KyRo1255d ago

If you have a day one PS3 turn it on now and play the Last of Us. The fans go into overdrive which is expected for a nine year old console. You'd be lucky to have any tech that long these days.

pivotplease1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

It's true. My fat PS3 was relatively silent whereas I could hear my friend's 360 rooms away over his TV. Even his xbox one is loud now because I think his power brick is defective and keeps making this annoying sound. My other friend's X1 doesn't have said problem.

OUROSMAG1254d ago

I have a day one PS3, and at this point, yes they do.

RedDevils1254d ago

Day one PS3 here too, first it quiet but now it definitely sound like a Jet taking off

PurpHerbison1254d ago

My friends day one PS3 did but it was cause he needed to replace the fan, when he replaced the fan it pushed a lot of air but was also very very noisy. Just cause your PS3 didn't sound like that doesn't mean others didn't.

gangsta_red1254d ago

I have a day one PS3 and that fan is super loud. Whenever I was watching/streaming a movie that fan would kick in and I would have to turn my TV up because it was so damn loud.

Dirtnapstor1254d ago

I've got a fatty that's still running fine. It'll kick the fans into high gear after a while simply because I've placed it in a cabinet now, so limited air movement (I have to use a mini fan for it). I've set it out before in the open...quiet as a mouse no matter what I've played.

donthate1254d ago

The PS3 did sound like a jumbo jet taking off. How do I know?

Because we had the 60GB PS3 with BC.

The early Xbox 360 was even louder!

Only the Wii was super silent. So the new crop of consoles are a freaken dream. My Xbox One during load is still super silent.

d0x3601254d ago

It wasn't the 360s can that was loud it was the DVD drive for years 1-3. Years 4-current aren't anywhere near as loud (diff brand) and the system can't get hot enough unless you force it to to make the fans ever hit max rpm. Between the reduction of processor size due to a smaller nano meter fab, the bigger heatsink, bigger (lower RPM) fan and the combination of separate gpu and cpu into an APU when the slim was launched the Xbox 360 provided its not in a closed space or full of dirt doesn't even get half way to its thermal limit

nitus101254d ago

Actually the only time I really noticed my original PS3 being loud was when I played the PS2 game called Wizardry which was on a "blue" CD not the normal DVD that most PS2 games come on.

For the BC PS3 a game on a CD means that the reader has to spin the disk much faster than what is needed for a DVD or a Blu-ray for that matter. So of course PS2 games on a CD are going to sound sort of like a jet taking off (more a muted "whiz") although it was not really that bad.

Pretty much all game disks be it for PS1, PS2 and PS3 are fairly quiet when in operation except or PS2 CD disks when played in my PS3.

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SniperControl1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )


Urmmm, yes i do. Ok, maybe a jumbo jet is bit to much, but maybe a vacuum cleaner is more of a apt description.

After around 30 mins of playing a game, the fan kicks in big time and stays on until i turn the PS3 off, i have to actually turn the volume up on my amp to drown the fan noise out.

You are one of the lucky ones, noisy PS3's have been reported loads.

rpgenius4201254d ago

Yea my PS3 would do that then it died. Last generation had the worst made hardware ever on both sides. Never had to buy multiple consoles until last gen. Shit my NES, SNES, turbografx, Genesis, PS1, PS2, and Jaguar still work. Hell the gameboy I got in the 80's still works. Really bad qaulity control on both sides.

Dee_911254d ago

ha! I had like 4 ps2's. my most reliable console was my N64.I only had to buy 2 ps3's.My fat ps3 still works, just blu ray player doesn't work sometimes.

Dasteru1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

I have a launch 60GB PS3 and it is still whisper quiet. Even in an otherwise silent room, i can barely hear it. My second gen slim PS3 and Slim 360 are both far noisier.

If yours is noisy, it probably has a really dusty fan. The cover on the first gen PS3s comes off really easy so you can clean the fan without much trouble.


The PS3 was actually one of Sonys better made and more reliable systems. The launch PS3s have around a 1% fail rate, which is far below accepted industry standard of 5%.

The reason some people assume it was high was because of the prevalence of the internet these days compared to when the older consoles released. Everyone who has issues with a console these days posts about it online. You see a forum with 10k people saying their PS3 got the YLOD and it is natural to assume a high fail rate. You have to remember though that the PS3 has sold around 80m units. 1% still works out to 800k bad units. The PS2 had a fail rate of around 4-5% and the PS1 was only slightly better.

nitus101254d ago

If your PS3 is getting noisy due to the fan working overtime it is only going to get worse so you should seriously consider replacing your thermal past on your heat sink.

Use a good quality non-electrically conductive thermal paste which is only a few dollars and you only use a small amount (about 4 or 5 drops) of it any way.

There are plenty of Youtube and written explanations that will show you how to do this and from what I can gather it is not difficult although please check that you have all the relevant tools (screwdrivers) that you need. If you are not confident find someone who can do it for you.

Personally I have not done this for my PS3 yet although I have done this for my laptop which IMHO is a much more complicated mainly due to the fact that it has so many more screws and fiddly bits.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Lol I never notice the sound from my 80GB PS3 or PS4. But with my PS3 the temperature in the room usually rises.

On another note I have been having a lot of fun with this game which is rare for my PS4.

Phoenix761255d ago

Here's a tip for everyone. If your system sounds like "a jumbo jet" taking off. Unplug it completely and then run a Hoover nozzle around the front, back and sides, as well as underneath. Reconnect and enjoy the sound of silence.

Pocketaces1111254d ago

Thank you I was gonna post the same thing... I love how everyone tries to turn every conversation into a fanboy contest. Just play games guys use common sense like Phoenix76 there and enjoy. Bubbles for you :)

rainslacker1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Edit: Realize you may have been talking about the PS4, my comment is for the PS3.

Another good recommendation is to raise it up off the surface it sits on an inch or two. There's a design flaw that causes the hot air to collect around the front of the console, which eventually gets sucked in.

A piece of plywood, a little stand, or someone said they used chewing tobacco cans solves the problem preventing heat from getting in in the first place.

My PS3 used to run pretty loud until I did this, now it only does it on some games which are very demanding.

Other fixes require taking apart the system, but actually do work better. Not for those that aren't comfortable with computers.

Tsar4ever011254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Wait, what?! What you guy's talking about? I have yet to have any "overheat" and loud ps4's issues with my P4, could any of ya'll describe this more and what games you're playing when it happens, Cuz I'm not having these issues.

Phoenix761254d ago

It happens with all electronic bits of kit. Unless of course you happen to live within a vacuumed area such as space or a pressurised chamber where no dust could ever hope to fall. /s

Seriously though mate, eventually your system will get louder. Keep up basic maintaince such as using the Hoover and your system will last longer

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TLG19911255d ago

be like an ostrich. out of side, out of mind kind of thing...

TLG19911255d ago

I really want to say auto correct, unfortunately I used a keyboard. no excuses lol my bad!

RomanPSX1255d ago

I played this game once didnt notice the problem, but one game that stresses my ps4 was planet side 2.

uth111254d ago

It does make my fan run, but nowhere near as bad as Ether One did.
It's about on the level of Bloodborne in graphically detailed areas

ps4fanboy1255d ago

I placed mine in a freezer....
Heh heh

But tbh , what overheating?
I blame certain countries climates personally!

pivotplease1254d ago

Probably a factor. Overheating isnt a problem here in Canada for like 95% of the year lol. It's hot now but could be hotter.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1254d ago

What's overheating? Generally when the internal components in a console or pc run so hot that the thermal paste on the gpu and cpu(in this case apu) starts to melt. Definitely something that shouldn't happen.

nitus101254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

If your thermal paste is melting I suggest that you should not live in a blast furnace ;-)

Basically if your console or PC is overheating which is usually evident when the fan is running full speed nearly all the time, then it is time to change the thermal paste which over time will harden resulting in less efficient heat transfer.

There are many sites and even Youtube videos that will show you how to change your thermal paste on just about all computing devices including the PS3 and PS4. Obviously if you are going to do this make sure you have all the tools required (mainly screwdrivers) to do this. A few small containers to hold different sized screws are also useful as well. A clean desk/table is essential before you start.

A quick fix is usually a vacuum on your inlet and outlet (more important) ports but eventually the thermal paste will start to break down and will need replacement.

isa_scout1255d ago

It's not like there's a lot going on in the main menu visually. I mean you can see your car but that's it. Love the game though. It's the best downloadable game I've played in a good while. Mine hasn't overheated , but that fan is acting like it's gonna fly outta my PS4 at any moment.

kevnb1254d ago

I think the term downloadable game has lost all meaning this gen.

isa_scout1254d ago

Not for me it hasn't. I get 2 Mbps per second so all of my AAA titles are bought at retail. Living in the mountains has it's disadvantages... For one I'm in the damn

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