PS4/PS3 Exclusive The Heroic Legend of Arslan Warriors’ Screenshots Reveal Sexy Farangis and Gieve

Until today, Koei Tecmo had announced only Arslan, Daryun, Narsus and Elam as playable characters for the upcoming Musou-style game The Heroic Legend of Arslan Warriors for PS4 and PS3.

But fear not, as two more have been announced today with a sizable batch of screenshots in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu.

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FFXI1011254d ago

I really like the anime. Hopefully the game turn out to be as good as the anime.

Sly-Lupin1254d ago

Gotta love that this is a game based on an anime based on a manga based on a novel.

phoenixwing1254d ago

Hopefully they localize this in NA and on ps3 as well.