Soul Calibur IV Ladies Exposed

Ryan King from OXM writes that this was the most obvious article ever.

In Soul Calibur IV you can destroy armour...
So here are some of the Soul Calibur girls completed stripped of armour. And yes, we at OXM have had more than one request for this.

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Vermiiii3500d ago

Ivy must be naked !

She hasn't got armour !

SuicidalTendencies3500d ago

It's pretty funny that they wear clothes that's stronger then the armor.

ReBurn3500d ago

Taki's starting to look like Ivy.

Lifendz3499d ago

I remember Taki from the original Soul Calibur but it looks like she's a grown woman now.

KyonoRocks3499d ago

You can see why Hilde is so armor clad, only way to really show off the feature on the girls

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