PSN Down – Does It Matter?

PSLS - As our reliance on the internet becomes a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives, the question about how much it matters when a service like PSN goes down comes up. With so many games to play, the Daily Reaction crew discusses if Sony’s network outages are genuinely an issue we really should be concerned with, or if gamers are blowing things out of proportion?

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ftwrthtx1255d ago

If the PSN was still free, I wouldn't have an issue with it, but with PS+ and Sony making $50 per person per year, they should be able to address the issues accordingly.

Rimeskeem1255d ago

They did, it was up within hours.

ftwrthtx1255d ago

The point is, it shouldn't be going down in the first place.

Rimeskeem1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Asking for an online network service to never go down is like asking Gaben for HL3, it's just never going to happen.

reynod1255d ago

People are making an issue out of this for no reason. I mostly only play exclusives on my ps4.

I have steam for my online needs. Paying to go online is silly to begin with.

JackStraw1255d ago

If anybody is so clueless ass to think that ANY network in the WORLD will have 100% uptime, you are a complete moron and should remove yourself from the discussion.

4Sh0w1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )


Paid or Free, NOTHING is 100% always going to work....if you had said it should be MORE reliable I would agree since that should always be the goal.

Dee_911254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

ftwrthtx is clearly talking about the amount of times its gone down, not solely the fact that it went down... Oh wait, are we still pretending like PSN isn't down a lot for a paid service ?Okay continue on with that argument over personal set standards..

I was reserving my judgment because usually when I saw those "PSN down" articles, it wasn't down for me.I don't even play much, but lately its been down quite a bit.I'm not gonna go around talking about I need a refund yet, but if this goes on for much longer, i'm most definitely canceling my subscription.

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dead_pixels1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

In a perfect world it wouldn't, but we don't live in a perfect world. DDOS attacks and unforeseen issues happen. Nowhere in my subscription terms did Sony swear a solemn vow that the service would be immune to issues every other network is affected by. I'm cool with occasional hiccups, just the same as when my Live has issues.

I pay for a service and fully expect Sony and MS work hard to keep it going. I don't expect perfection.

ftwrthtx1255d ago

An occasional outage is one thing, but for it to keep happening daily, someone needs to figure out how to stop that and that shouldn't be acceptable.

LordMaim1255d ago

@ftwrthtx: Daily? That's a ridiculous exaggeration. PSN doesn't go down any more often than Xbox Live.

mwjw6961254d ago

@LordMaim Xbox Friends go down, playing online is never down. Get your facts strait.

Look at all those dates and tell me it is not down WAY to much.

PC_601255d ago

If services like netflix went down every other day for a few hours especially during nighttime i would have got my money back

JackStraw1255d ago

What are you people talking about? PSN isn't going down every other day. Maybe in your imaginary world, if you actually had a PS4, you would know this.

PC_601255d ago

I do have a PS4, i just barely use it since 2014 and I dont pay for PSN

Jivesh1255d ago

But it's only the gaming industry that's plagued with salty idiots who can't stand to have others enjoy themselves.

kaizokuspy1255d ago

Whether or not we pay, a company cannot be expected to be able to fend off millions of hacks against gaming servers. Why is this blown out of proportion against psn and xbl? In america, our govt just got cyber hacked big time. Anyone employed by the federal govt had their backgrounds and entire history stolen and here we are complaining about gaming servers and hacking. Point is, if a top secret govt database gets hacked, a gaming company will easily get hacked. So what can we do? Not a damn thing and neither can they as it is still a new felony law waiting to be crafted. Until that's in place by legislation this shit will continue on both consoles ends. Also did anyone else read that some ass hole in California is cutting Internet cables that are deep underground disrupting service for millions?

People at the end of the day, both company's are trying their best to handle the downs and infrastructure as it comes. Nothing digital or technical is 100% unhackable. We as consumers needs to write to our governing bodies and ask that if caught, those who cause these issues be handled in a serious matter and not a slap on the wrist. Lizard squad got a suspended sentence like no big deal. Seriously. He should've at least experienced prison even for a month.

BoriboyShoGUN1255d ago

Microsofts been charging since the orginal Xbox days with that being said I think PSN holds up quite nicely. I played all day today and had no issues whatsoever. It really isn't that serious usually I just handle some things I need to do around the house. Now if I was a young kid with nothing else to do I might be a little more upset.

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Sonyslave31255d ago

I notice it mostly ps4 having problem not the ps3 when it comes to online especially Dc universe online.

mydyingparadiselost1255d ago

Sounds like someone is tired of reporting the same thing over and over...

Rookie_Monster1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Dang...down again? Where did the extra subscription fees went if it isn't going to improve and get more servers? With the exception of the 20 plus days of the attack that forced Sony to shut down the PSN network a few years ago I don't recall the PS3 being down this often .

Rimeskeem1255d ago

No, it's not down again, it's just someone trying to get clicks off beating a dead horse.

MasterCornholio1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

It didn't go down again.


Read the article rookie.

Rookie_Monster1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

I did and this is what I read from the article.

"It annoys me because it happens so often that every time I do need to use network... most of times it's not working.

You need to download few games before going for 3-5 days buisness trip? Whooops! PSN is once again not working! So you can't even download your games.

You want to take a breather and play with friends online? Whoops! It's not working!

There is not a single week that I wouldn't experience something wrong with PSN. NOT A SINGLE WEEK! Things like this didn't happen during PS3 era."

Seems like it is a regular occurrence theme for some people. For me, I did experience some brief moment of no connection to the network from time to time but it runs fine the majority of time. Having said that, I mostly play single player games on my PS4 so maybe I just haven't use enough of the network to notice.

Rimeskeem1255d ago

@ Rookie

That was a comment, are you actually serious right now?

Muzikguy1255d ago

This is my issue with it as well. People want "free" games. I'd rather have a better online service.

As for the article, I definitely can agree that sometimes things are blown way out of proportion. What I don't agree with though is how often it happens and the problem just keeps on continuing. So they're in essence telling us we have to sit back and take it, and not feel bad about it either. Well, these companies wanted online play soooooo badly that IMO this stuff shouldn't be happening. Unless of course, they want the gaming bubble to burst. You don't lead people into something that's going to fail, take their money, and then continue to underperform. Try that in any business and see how far you get

PC_601255d ago

The fact that you have to pay money to Sony to play online is just ridiculous by itself as you are already paying money to the internet provider to have internet and you are stuck behind a paywall to play unlike services like Steam and then ontop of that PSN is very unreliable and does not offer the features of services like Steam

JamesBroski1255d ago

PSN on PS4 is a freaking joke. And that comes from a Sony fanboy. I don't even go often on my console but everytime I go I get errors with my friend list, the PS Store doesn't load and I get kicked out of party chats for no reason.

akurtz1255d ago

Errors with frienda list and party chat problems, sounds like xbl to me dude

dantesparda1255d ago


I think something else is going on because I never have any issues with my friends or the PS store not loading. I don't use party chat that often, but the times that I have, I've haven't had any issues with it either. Call Sony and go through some trouble shooting cuz something else is going on with your situation. Maybe its just your location vs mine.

JamesBroski1255d ago


Does Xbox One have similar issues?

kaizokuspy1255d ago

I've had problems in the past before I upgraded my internet.

If you're not wired you're going to have a bad time.

If you're wireless and not using a docis 3.0 modem with a dl package of 50mbps, you're def going to have a bad time.

If you have youtube or a game suspended when trying to access psn, you're going to have a bad time.

Solution? Just log out, log back in, go straight to psn store and it should work no problem.

Also it will take a while to get it sorted. Understand that sony is king right now sure, but at the same time, no one saw the success to be this much. With as big a user base and market share they hold noq, serious new infrastructure is sure being planned and will take a while to implement across all regions.

I have faith in sony to honor what sub entails to us consumer, just like I have faith in Phil spencer, slowly winning me over to buying an xbox one. Each time I see his face in news, it makes it harder to say no, but at the end of the day, we have some great consoles, and some great online experiences, no matter your preferred platform. It is truly gaming's golden age and here we all are, at the front, rolling in it like pigs in mud. :)

JamesBroski1255d ago


I'm using wired and my internet speed is 30mb download and 10mb upload more or less. So there shouldn't be any issues. Yea that's what I do: I log out and log back in and if that doesn't work I restart my console. It's just an annoying thing to do as it happens almost everyone time.

Yea good point actually. Sony are having a lot of traffic on their servers now with PS4. But since PS+ is now mandatory, it should be fine, especially almost 2 years after its release. It seems like they're no working on it at all. At least from what I'm experiencing on my side.

Yea I hear people having no issues whatsoever on PS4. I have no idea what could it be. I tried to open my ports, fix IP address on PS4, reset the net, plug it directly into the modem and no success. And since I have no issues with other consoles, I'm guessing the issues is on Sony's side.

kaizokuspy1254d ago

@James bro ski

Lol I guess us gamers will generally find a way. At any rate, I'm sure sony will pull through at some point.

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MasterCornholio1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

I did as well but no where is it claiming that it went down again shortly after it went up.

Read the article again rookie.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1255d ago

Besides the Christmas DDoS attacks I have had no complaints or issues with the PSN. I game daily on PS4 in Oho with zero problems.

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Summons751255d ago

Not when playing Batman :) "You can't see Leaderboards" Good, I don't care about them in a single player game and honestly they shouldn't be there.

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