Video: Star Fox Zero - Why did we wanted this game to happen?

The guys of Gaming Boulevard got some hands-on with Star Fox Zero and share their impressions in their discussion video.

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NukaCola1228d ago

game looks like a raging disappointment

Thunder_G0d_Bane1227d ago

This is not the Star Fox sequel i wanted. Look at the new Zelda and Mario Kart look how amazing they look, thats the kind of level i was expecting for Star Fox.

When I saw this at E3 i thought it was a remaster of Star fox 64 I cant believe this is the new Star Fox. I'm extremely disappointed with Nintendo on this one.

This was half baked and half hearted.

wonderfulmonkeyman1227d ago

Good lord, how shallow...
The looks are not as terrible as people are bitching about.

Hell, it's even more pathetic that the community is bitching about the graphics at all when it looks so fun.

We finally get the Star Fox game we've been asking for, and suddenly it's not good enough because of the graphics?

Just freaking stop. If graphics are that important to you sorts then go play a flight sim on PC and leave the actual Star Fox fans to appreciate the game for what matters: its gameplay.

The improvements to the various vehicles look like they'll be a great twist on the gameplay: being able to transform to discover alternate travel routes and attack options is an awesome feature that will make the game much more interesting than it used to be.

Xavior_Reigns1227d ago

Indeed I wanted a new Star Fox game to happen but then this was revealed... It's not exactly what I imagined but at least its not as bad as the true disappointment - Metroid.

bass4g1227d ago

What truly baffles though, is that they seem to have picked the worst looking level to demonstrate the game. The sand level stuff and some of the interior stuff looks alright, not great but not terrible. At the end of the day we know it'll be good, it's being worked on by platinum games but boy did nintendo bungle that reveal.

N4g_null1227d ago

After watching many video I see the point in this version. More needs to be added yet the core controls work. Just to point one thing out no one has died or look like they are having problems hitting targets.

Gaming media I hear what you are saying you are disappointed. yet you where there. Come on guys. It seems mediocre and it's great to push nintendo. Make miyamoto sit don't and make some cool models. I want to see him get his hands dirty.

I just want a level editor now LOL. Go back and play starfox one.... that is the game that wowed us. The n64 version is pale in comparison. Looks better better tech but you are not shooting down hover bikes with rock music playing in the background.

It's possible that the limits in the tech stopped miyamoto from stuff animaling the art so much. Which is why we got star fox adventures which also sucked.

after seeing xenoblade and seeing this miyamoto should be ashmashed of himself or at least say that this is not final graphics designs. Let platinum go all vanquish for us. Hell call it starfox vanquished!

No we don't really care about star fox characters we are about that cool air wing and the sweet onrail level design rollercoaster we first played.

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DLConspiracy1227d ago

I would rather play it before saying that.

gameboy11227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Look Starfox looks like a Super HD version of Starfox64 and considering that's the art style they went for then you can't expect Mass Effect Starfox simple....

If it was a true sequel the next big Starfox game then it might of looked totally different but this Starfox is meant to look like it does on purpose and if you look at the actual texture work its pretty amazing they just need to touch it up here and there.....

N4g_null1227d ago

The actually texture work does look better on closer inspection. Yet there is this nagging that it is uninspired. I mean we just got bayo 2 and xenoblade is coming... it really can not stand with those games right now art wise but tech wise it's doing some cool stuff. We just want it to do more.

True starfox fans started on the snes not n64. Those are two different games starfox wise.

Yet I will say the shooting mechanic works on closer inspection. The art just needs to be ampped up. Delay it or prepare some free DLC where we get better art or interpretations.

it's a great idea just just needs more art. development for the wiiu is a beast design wise. You can see it's really taxing him. I see them playing with thise dual screen idea for some time.

They also need to make the presentation better... it's not grand enough.

pcz1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

nintendo used to redifine genres with every major release. now it seems they are satisfied just to keeping adding to their library.

what worries me most about the way this game was handled, is that they may treat other games we are waiting for in this same manner. i mean, maybe we will get f zero, only one that seemingly has no effort put into it at all, and just like this starfox, looks like it was developed on a gamecube dev kit.

if they are going to release these highly anticipated games with that low regard, i would rather wait until they find their inspiration again. i wont hold my breath.

and @wonderfulmonkeyman

the graphics ARE important. what is the point in having a HD console with all these capabilities, if they arent going to be utilised? if people are so satisfied with gameplay, why did we even ask for a hd console? if its all about gameplay then why didnt nintendo just make do with the wii and do all they can gameplay wise with the wii? i'll tell you why- because computer technology is progressive and evolving, and video games are evolving with that technology. well, it is suppose to.

which is why it is so insulting when they show starfox zero which was seemingly dragged out of a time machine from 2005. and while nintendo attempt to play it down by claiming its a deliberate style choice, its clear for everyone else to see that it is a budgeting choice.

truly HD games that take full advantage of the consoles capability takes a lot of resources, staff, money, time... nintendo clearly have the money, so its obvious they simply dont want to invest in making a game so big. they just want a big profit with as little effort and resources as possible.

its worrying for the NX, because nintendo dont even seem capable of producing a HD game to the level of a ps3 game, such as metal gear solid sons of liberty, or grand theft auto v, or uncharted.. these were pushing the tech. nintendo arent doing that at all. so with NX they will (i assume) have even more power to play with, but they dont even seem to have the tools or will to utilise them. i think we will just see a repeat of what happened with wiiu- they will release games that dont push the technology.

if you really arent interested in progression, graphics... what motivation is there to buy a NX?

Tsar4ever011221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )


It looks like StarFox, Plays like StarFox, I feel that I should be happy, But I'm not. It looks like a half-hearted rehash of the older games, with not much effort innovate the gameplay. I'm sure Star Wolf will be in this game. I Wonder if Miyu, a lynx, and Fay, a dog) from the unreleased StarFox 2 will make an appearance or better yet participate in this games story line? That'll be nice.

As for the Music Score, which has always been important to me in this franchise, I'm going reserve my judgement until I hear the full OST, but for what I heard in this video, it's still based off of "Hajime Wakai" and "Koji Kondo", music from SF64, SFA & SFC which are good scores I admit, but I still ALWAYS cherish "Hajime Hirasawa" OST from the 1st classic SF from the Snes, I'll always miss his SF music.

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SCW19821228d ago

Do you even English bro?

Agent_00_Revan1227d ago

Considering how much effort some people put into the article title so they can click bait readers, you would think submitters would check and recheck for errors.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1227d ago

People ask for classic Star Fox game

get classic Star Fox styled game

no longer want it


If you are asking yourself why you wanted the game
then you never wanted it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Damned graphics whores are a cancer to gaming.
No acknowledgement to the gameplay; it's all about going out of their way to bash on the freaking looks.-_-;;

Just stick to PC's if you are that concerned about how games look, people; this crappy focus on form over substance has gotta stop...

SteamPowered1227d ago

Not to jump into negativity here, but the gameplay left much to be desired. It looks like it plays like every Star Fox game ever. Loopdy Loops and Barrel Rolls, 3 pieces of life, same bad guys chirping in the HUD...

The only innovation I saw was changing forms before fighting the boss. And even then it looked forced.

Nintendo has to ditch that friggen gamepad. I wanted a straight up First Person View. Looking down constantly at the gamepad really breaks immersion.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1227d ago


They made it that way for a reason.

N4g_null1227d ago

The gamepad is the one thing they got right. They could add a first person view or just swap the two. It seems you could actually play the whole game on the game pad.

I'm with you wonderfulmonkey but seriously.... mariokart looks better, xenoblade looks better. starfox doesn't have to be given to the b team. I'm not harping on polygon count or shaders how about some cool enemies man? some one needs to play the first starfox those enemies where really cool. How about some high concepts. How about a giant horse tank structure running to corniera and you have to take it out? Instead we get a donut we can fly in. How about a giant mechincal whale swallows the whole team and you have to free your self to then fight the donut? I don't know give us a real threat. Also why don't we have new weapons? it's like 20 years later, we got a boring sub, a chicken, come on man!? You and I both have a wiiu and if any one can make all and every thing I just said they can.

On rail games should be your wow games. Sure the graphic whores ill complain but i don't buy a new car for it to look old, unless that is what I ordered. I also don't see the challenge of this new starfox either. The controls are good but it's hard to see the excitement in the level design right now. These guys latch on to graphics when any one that make 3d any thing knows even your low polygon version should look impressively designed. I'm not seeing that right now.

Splatoon looks more thought out that starfox right now, as it should it's still in development. Yet if we tell nintendo what to tweak now then guess what more people would pick up the new version. You have to build new fans along with making the current one happy.

I'll be getting this game simply because I've been wanting a new starfox game. If they polish this game they could have a rebirth of this ip, seriously.

Then i'll have starfox, xenoblade, splatoon, fatal frame, zelda to rotate around my play sessions.

SteamPowered1227d ago

There is a difference between "classic" look, and straight up rehash. This demo looks like the latter.
I will wait for the full release before making judgement, but so far its a disappointment.

Nintendo set the bar pretty high with Mariokart. They added classic gameplay and ramped up the graphics to some of the best on the console.

Looking at this clip of gameplay makes me want to play more Mariokart.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

so I guess that big red mother ship is a rehash because I sure dont remember fighting that in SF64

better yet never played as a flying landmaster and walking arwing.

N4g_null1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

OtakuDJK1NG actually I have played the dev version of starfox 2 for the snes... it had the walker also. The level design doesn't seem inspired. If i saw this on another system and you changed the name I would think it was a indie game. it's just too safe.

Miyamoto needs this strife.... this is not up to his standard. We need the guy that mario mario 3 cool or the guy that found the talent that could.

I mean platinum made bayo two with a dragon tearing up a building, we get crabs that crawl up a building boogies that lock on here and there. its been 10 years can we get some progression!?
Right now i'd rather play the old versions the handheld one included. Show us some thing so we can excuse the empty tutorial levels? How about just give us the cool wire frame debugs that we had with the snes?

Where is your style nintendo! Please hire a concept artist! Or should we blame platinum? After that beautiful starfox easter egg we get this... let me go play bayo 2 so i can play a real starfox game!

These guys made vanquish... we get a donut in space and a red ship we can fly in. hopefully this is a demo, the controls where on point but miyamoto needs to come out and say the graphics will be better and more inspired. Sure none of the donuts where in the other games but let us play some thing more impressive.

Nintendo needs a better promo person. We want action not a controller demo. Sure guys like me will buy it, but many want.

RPGrinder1227d ago

Graphics, wah wah wah. Never heard of this site for good reason

SharnOfTheDEAD1227d ago

Looking at the game, I first thought this was a 3DS game that's been remastered for Wii U. I know visuals aren't everything and game play counts blah blah but still, this could look better, Starfox deserves that tlc.

RPGrinder1227d ago

The game will play amazing, sell very well, and score high. The game is not even finished yet

gameboy11227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

If the exact same Starfox was made on ps4 it would look exact the same....just like Assasins creed on ps4/wiiu look the same give or take and the extras the ps4 got in Assasins creed were just due to more development time ect and more love from the devs to try and make ps4 look better and even then it's a very poor upgrade.....

I think if Nintendo got Shinen to work on Assasins creed wiiu graphics then it would of surpassed all versions end of.

gameboy11227d ago

OK a 3DS game looking like that keep dreaming 60fps on screen and gamepad ok's doing 120fps basically if they weren't to keep that cockpit view.

And the graphics will be polished up to very high standard so stop your rubbish.

SharnOfTheDEAD1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Polished up to a high standard? It's out this year mate not in 2. It won't look much different that we're seeing now.

Also if the exact same Starfox was made on Ps4 of course it would be the same, because it's the same wtf are you talking about and what does the Ps4 even have to do with what I said? They can do better than this you can't argue with that, but hey it's Nintendo they can't do no wrong.

gameboy11227d ago

But it looks good for the art style there going for plus they have lots of time to polish the game up it's out this year but not until years end so just like with every game so far it will get super polished up before release and if you don't think it will then where were you when Mariokart,Wonderful101,Smash,B ayonetta2,DevilsThird,Pikimin,a ll looked better by far in there second reveal just before launching ok DevilsThird will prob get another Direct before release but it's already looking hugely better then it did in it's 1st reveal and this same thing will happen with Starfox i can assure you....

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