Are Some Games Worth Re-evaluating at a Lower Price Point?

Case in point, Ready at Dawn's The Order: 1886, which was panned by critics and gamers alike with its short length one of the key issues. It is clear that this game is not worth the full price of admission, but Sony recently knocked the price down to an MSRP of $40, and some retailers are selling it for as low as $20.

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gangsta_red1255d ago

No, games just don't get better because the price is lowered.

Sureshot1254d ago

Exactly. By that logic a crap game will be rated well if it's free?

nX1254d ago

Most critics bashed The Order:1886 for it's short play time, not because of it's price. Both factors can't change the game's quality though. For what it offered and compared to other games The Order was definitely not a 3/10, not even a 5/10... so with the price cut it's definitely worth a look for those that haven't played it yet.

Volkama1254d ago

2/10? Man Bloodborn, you're a harsh critic. I thought the game was alright!

Lord_Sloth1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Then they aren't bad if they're full price either since you just implied that price means nothing so it shouldn't be incorporated in a review.

Reviews are supposed to tell me the quality of the game. It's up to me to decide what price I think it's worth. Everybody was crying about The Order for it's price but very few reviewers commented on the game itself beyond "It's too short for $60" which again is up to me.

ninsigma1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

But there is definitely a correlation between the price a person spends and how they feel about a game. If a game is lacking content that other games of the same price point have then people will feel as if it's not worth it no matter the quality of the content that IS there. Ori, while being an absolutely wonderful game, I wouldn't buy it at a 70 euro price point. I found it to be great value for money when it released and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The order on the other hand is a standard tps and when you compare it to other standard tps games you do feel as if there is some content lacking there. It was a great game but its price point was definitely too high on release and you could see that a lot of people felt that way and I agree but while I got it day one, a lot of other people felt the content wasn't worth the asking price.

Edit: fixed grammatical error.

plmkoh1254d ago

I really dislike judging a game based on the price, if it's great I will pay anything. But there is clearly a correlation between price and perception of value. For instance Valve's Orange Box is one of the highest rated titles on metacritic and you'd be hard pressed to find a review that doesn't praise it for including 3 titles for one price.

vongruetz1254d ago

I don't think it's a matter of whether the game is good or not but was it a good value? Take Angry Birds. For $1 or free, it's a really fun game and totally worth playing. For $35 on the console? probably not.

The Order is a really good game that provides a very focused experience. It tells a really good story set in a very interesting world. However, it's not the open world, hours of play that others have become accustomed to and they dislike it for that. But for what it is, I really enjoy it.

For $20, it's definitely worth a look.

MilkMan1254d ago

Id have to disagree. I've always said, going back 30+ years now. That a good game is a good game no matter the price point. However, the lower the price the easier it is to swallow any shortcomings and game length.

So, a decent game at $65 hurts and makes you feel like an A hole for spending that money.

However take that same game, spend $15 dollars and you feel like a champ.

Its all psychology.

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Bennibop1254d ago

I would say sometimes yes, The Order 1886 is a good example where you should re-evaluate as the game was solid and the production values where very high (graphics and sound) but the game was very short, this was the main issue identified by reviewers.

Dynasty20211254d ago

...and that it brought nothing new at all.

It was just a straight up GoW clone cover shooter.

ninsigma1254d ago

Gears of war didn't invent cover shooting. Both games are of the third person cover shooting genre and that's where the similarities end.

ninsigma1254d ago

Regardless of price point the order was a good game regardless of price point but I do understand that people felt the price was too high for the content given. I think the most important thing learned from the order is that not every game should be priced the same just because it's new. Due it not having a multi player mode it should have been priced lower, just like games with no single player should be priced lower. Hopefully now that the price has dropped, a few more people will jump in because while it has its flaws, it's not as bad as the Internet will have you believe.

ExplodingJuice1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

I am actually playing through this game as I am typing this. I am playing through it again for the Inspect/Collectibles trophies and I have to say that this game was DEFINITELY NOT worth the $59.99 asking price when it released. I picked mine up at Best Buy a few days ago when they were selling it for $19.99. With my 20% discount through the Gamer's Club Unlocked it came out to $17. I still feel that I paid too much for this game. Once I get the Platinum Trophy this game is being sold on eBay for a profit.

SolidGear31254d ago

I got it for $35 on Sunday when I got my PS4 and I absolutely loved it. Felt just like a Naughty Dog game. I definitely hope there's a sequel someday!

traumadisaster1254d ago

Ever went to the store that sells the $300 jeans and $200 shirts? They are the nicest clothes that I really want, but although I rate a 10 I just won't do it.

Games same thing, I have a 1000 year backlog and just won't get to those games until their $20 anyway.

It's not always been that way, I once did buy a $120 shirt and before my backlog I did buy new games, like 10 years ago.

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