No Rumble option in Soul Calibur 4 writes:"The Playstation 3 version of Soul Calibur 4 doesn't have a rumble option for the DualShock 3 controller. A member has sent in an email to say that he got the game early (breaking the street date) and simply told us that he looked in every possible menu when he realised there is no rumble in the game. Apparently an update was released on Friday and that didn't add rumble support either."

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-M4verick-3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

PS3 FTW!!!

But I'm used to having no rumble,trophies, Home,and just games in general...on the PS3.

Rob0g0rilla3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )


Lol, now watch this guy reply writing a pointless wall of text that no one will read. Microsoft loves you. Good job buddy!


"There's no need for a wall of text."

Almighty Xbox 360 please give me the strengths to fight off the rabid Sony fanboys!!!

-M4verick-3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

There's no need for a wall of text. You're used to getting second-hand material on the PS3(Or no material at all). This isn't a surprise.

I made it where you could read it.

chasegamez3707d ago

but your use to RROD
so its ok

butterfinger3707d ago

to see these pathetic little individuals have to imitate other peoples' accounts because they got pwned by them at one time and still feel bitter.

ravinshield3707d ago

no rumble how lame is that.

bennyace3706d ago

Didn t rumble came out on the N64 like 12 years ago !!! Wow now you re talking of an hi-end console!!! hahahah

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Ghoul3707d ago

i have it and it has no rumble ....

gaffyh3707d ago

The 360 one does, but I hate rumble, first thing I was trying to find on my 360 was how to switch the rumble off. But I couldn't find the option in some games :(. Fighting games are especially better without rumble.

Violater3707d ago

to hell with that
sale -1

tgh machines3707d ago

I think there is a console setting that can turn off rumble for a specific profile.

mikeslemonade3707d ago

PS3 version still looks better and rumble was never important in fighting games. When you play with the arcade sticks they don't rumble.

Bnet3433707d ago

I just find it funny that a PS3 game always has something bad about it. Whether it be large installs, no trophies, no rumble, no in-game XMB, no custom soundtracks, etc. Then it's "Company X are a bunch of lazy devs, no buy from me" It's like every PS3 game goes through this.

mboojigga3707d ago

You would think depending on how long you have had your 360 the "personal settings" in the guide allow you to turn the rumble off and on at will.

MikeGdaGod3707d ago

no buy for me

yup, just like that

Ghoul3707d ago

but seriously if that keeps you from buying it your
a) no ps3 owner and flaming this thread.
b) a bit picky.

gaffyh3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I haven't checked in the personal settings on my 360 for ages, but thing is some games are OK with rumble, like RPGs/FPS, but some games are annoying like fighting games and racing games. So I wouldn't want to switch it off completely just for those types of games.

MikeGdaGod3707d ago

yes, i would agree to that. i am extremely picky and i want rumble in every game. i know some people say it takes away from the experience but i'm not one of those people.

no rumble, trophies, or custom buy. i'll wait for a patch.

these devs have to start catering to wants and needs. if they can't do that, they don't deserve my money. i have more than enough games to play.

socomnick3707d ago


I don't think its about there being a patch in the future. I think its about ps3 versions of games always being short on features and not competing with the Xbox 360 versions time and time again. If I was a soul calibur fan and only had a ps3 I would be angry too.

Violater3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

patch or not bro, if features are not day and date, especially one that has been out for almost a year, then it makes no sense.
welcome back btw

potenquatro3707d ago

thank you for confirming. i really like rumble on my games i don't understand how this isn't mandatory in 2008.

trikster403707d ago


SO you are saying the 360 version has rumble? Because a lot of posters over at Neogaf are confirming that it doesn't. Do you have it already? Now I am confused about the whole thing. It would make the first 360 game without rumble that I can think of if that's the case...

mcm3707d ago

Not True at all. I have a Hori fighting stick model# HPS-71 it has rumble support. It also has digital and analog support, L3/R3 buttons, as well as a mode button that functions as the PS button.
It is an older stick from the PS2 era that was future proof.

bottom left:

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Omega43707d ago

Rumble wasnt standard at launch just like trophies werent so developers obviously wont waste there time implementing a feature that everyone cant use

hfaze3707d ago

Dude, nearly every game after Ratchet & Clank: ToD has supported rumble straight out of the box (except CoD4...)

Even Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection supports rumble, so Namco has already worked with it!

This is just BS... I can't believe Namco did that...

tplarkin73707d ago

"Add-ons" always fail. Sega CD, Sega 32x, N64 Expansion Pack, etc. The only Add-On that has succeeded is the Xbox 360 HDD. The only reason it succeeded is that it was available at launch and it was integrated into the 360 SDK.

Heaven_Or_Hell3707d ago

The DS3 was announced at TGS 2007, wtf are they these excuses that theay haven't got enough time or whatever to implement it...

solideagle13707d ago

what the hell NAMCO is using their time for. its been 3 years and they did not release Tekken 6 i smell something fishy. it might be they are concentrating on getting more cash rather than make the best game. well its a shame that rumble is not there.