Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft is the Wrong Future For the Game

Hardcore Gamer: The confusing thing about this announcement is — why? What’s the point?

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yarbie10001229d ago

A new version that is optional and free to current owners and $10 for newcomers and allows you to swap seamlessly between controllers, touch, or mouse & kb and may run better is SOOOOOOoooo wrong.

christocolus1229d ago

Exactly..Do they even do any research or put in any thought/effort into writing these articles anymore? Expanding the games user-base by including a new platform is the wrong future?

HaydenJameSmith1229d ago

Well it's Microsoft so there must be some sort of negative spin on it. I get sick of it to be honest and it's completely ridiculous this could be something negative. Free for current Users, $10 for everyone else and it runs faster than the original. EVIL MICROSOFT!!!

Serg1228d ago

"Expanding the userbase"

Wrong. It's splitting the userbase. I doubt this will be compatible with the main game and if it is, it is yet another version the tiny Mojang team has to maintain.

And the fact that Minecraft is programmed with Java, meaning it runs on everything Java runs on, meaning every Desktop OS on the planet and more, makes this version nothing more than Microsoft trying to make a new version of Minecraft that only runs on their Windows OS.

Anyone who thinks good guy Microsoft here, doesn't understand what this actually is. It's a way to cut Linux and MacOS users out of the picture.

I mean it's so damn obvious, it has "Windows 10 edition" in the freaking title. It will never come to any other OS like the main game already is and when this thing gains popularity, they will start delaying patches for the main game and focus on this one to make this game even more popular so that everyone moves to it.