Anime inspired JRPG, Cross Reverie, now on Kickstarter

Cross Reverie is an anime-inspired, indie JRPG that focuses on character development and familiar turn-based combat. The game takes place in the land of Xylera and its eight bravest fighters who are descending into The Trial of Nightmare. Gameplay will largely consist of field exploration and battling against creatures.

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SegaGamer1231d ago

That actually looks pretty good.

Relientk771231d ago

Love that the battle system is turn-based

phoenixwing1231d ago

If I gamed on pc i'd donate to that

KryptoniteTail1231d ago

This is exactly what I am into. I guess I gotta back!

ZaWarudo1231d ago

This looks great, there's a console stretch goal at 200k

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