Graphics Comparison | Batman: Arkham Knight | Xbox One v PS4

Josh from Start Replay writes, "We compare the Xbox One and PS4 copies of Batman: Arkham Knight in this latest graphical comparison."

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AngelicIceDiamond929d ago

Surprise, Surprise they both look great.

Rimeskeem929d ago


no but seriously, the console versions of this game are top notch

Rookie_Monster929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

Great job by Rocksteady to keep both console versions looking great. Too bad they didn't do the PC version. STILL thinking if I should just go ahead and get the PS4 version now because I don't know when the PC version will be fixed.

Meltic929d ago

yeah they said like ''Hey f*k the PC version, lets make Money on the consoles''

pss will not support them again with this bs

UKmilitia929d ago

idid the ps4 version and its awesome,feels solid all the way through and only had a couple og glitches.
im just suprised how well it ran from day one,considering the mess pc version was in.

Skate-AK929d ago

Get it on PS4 and wait for a Steam sale.

Rookie_Monster929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

LOL, judging from the amount of disagrees, it seems like people here don't want me to get the PS4 version for whatever reason.

But, my PS4 needs games so what the heck, I will get it tomorrow. Don't want to miss out on a great game. Thanks UKmilitia and Sktae-AK for the encouragement.

dantesparda928d ago

The fact is, the PS4 is a 44% higher res (1080 vs 900) with a slightly better framerate and slightly better texture streaming.

GMR_PR928d ago (Edited 928d ago )

Minimal differences, PS4 version is a bit sharper and has slightly better performance.

frostypants928d ago

@Meltic, yeah, to hell with them for wanting to make money. The nerve!

kraenk12928d ago

We all know you don't even have a PS4, no matter how hard you pretend. That's why you get the disagrees.

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bf000777966929d ago

Some say the Xbox has the better color, but you can always tune the color saturation on your tv

tuglu_pati929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

PS4 looks 50% better obviously /jk

XBO texture streaming seems to be a half a second slower (noticed on the scene with the guy's face on the floor), other than that they are identical. The different in resolution is not that apparent on this game.

asmith2306929d ago

PS4 version looks to be way sharper going by the thumbnail on the video above. If you watch the video though I can barely see a difference. In motion is where it counts!

tuglu_pati928d ago

What you see in the thumbnail is not because the difference in resolution, but because of the XBO having slower texture streaming time.

dantesparda928d ago

The PS4 is sharper, that's what the higher res does for the image, it sharpens it. And if you can tell from a Youtube video then you can definitely tell in real life where the difference is even more pronounced. Plus the PS4 has a slightly better framerate and slightly better texture streaming.

I love how people like to down play this gens bigger technical differences yet last gens smaller technical difference were all blown out of proportion.

tuglu_pati928d ago


yes PS4 version does look slightly sharper which is expected since XBO resolution is 900p.

pcz928d ago

ive just spotted a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE!!!

one says xbox one in the corner, the other says ps4


IamTylerDurden1928d ago

Actually the REAL difference is the xbone version of Arkham Knight is native 900p while the PS4 version is native 1080p, so it's undisputable that the PS4 version looks better.

This was all cutscenes, there is a more noticeable difference in gameplay, i think the framerate is more consistent on PS4, and the PS4 version is the least broken.

The best version of Batman Arkham Knight is on PS4, pretty hard to deny that.

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IkBenBall929d ago

You can tell the Xbox One is a hair behind when the dead cop hits the ground. The face renders slower on Xbox One.

XboxOneX929d ago

No you cannot tell they look the same.

TheDreamCorridor929d ago

Your name doesn't suggest that you would defend the Xbox One version.

Oh wait.

sammarshall102928d ago

I'm baffled that PS4 owners think there's a big difference

Are we watching the same video??

It looks identical

CantBeStopped928d ago

Did someone say there was a "big difference", I'm a PS4 owner and I think the difference is marginal but it is in favor of PS4 as is the case with pretty much every multiplat.

IamTylerDurden1928d ago (Edited 928d ago )

No one said big, but there is definitely a difference, xbone is native 900p and PS4 is native 1080p. Some consider the difference between 1080p and 900p "big", some do not.

If you want the best looking version of Arkham Knight on console go with the PS4. We have the numbers, there's no debate which one looks better, it's just a matter of how much.

I remember those comparison videos of CoD Ghosts and Battlefield 4 and ppl trying to say both versions were identical, but it was bs - Ghosts was 720p on xbone and 1080p on PS4, cmon.

stonecold3929d ago

look like the xbox one looks blurry where its crispy on ps4 sharper details

MaximusPrime_929d ago

Actually I agree with you there. Xbox one is slightly blurry but not too much. On and off

daBUSHwhaka929d ago

Both look really nice.If there is a difference then it is minimal.

KindaGrump929d ago

Who cares? The games been out for a couple weeks now. I'm sure this sort of thing has circulated for awhile now. Don't see the newsworthiness of it tbh.