Dishonored’s Master Assassin Returns With Incredible High Chaos Run

Hey Poor Player - "Professional Dunwall-dwelling assassin and sometimes Youtuber StealthGamerBR blew our minds last month when he showcased a stupefyingly stealthy display of destruction in Arkane Studios’ stealth action title Dishonored. Now, he has returned with a new seven-minute video featuring a ridiculously gory and efficient high chaotic run through the city’s plague-ridden streets during the Abduct Sokolov mission."

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will3131255d ago

Watching this reminds me of how cool this game really was. This guy is a beast by the way

dead_pixels1255d ago

Agreed. Sadly, I never made it very far into Dishonored before getting distracted with another game on the pile, but this dude's skills have me eager to dive back in.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1255d ago

Wow this video is amazing! I cant believe how sick this guy is at playing it.

Makes me feel like a noob loool.

Dishonored is an amazing game, cant wait for number 2.

morganfell1255d ago

Why shouldn't it. This guy burns through more elixers than you can carry and find in a level combined.

hiredhelp1255d ago

Played completed this game 2x nowere near this dudes skill level underated game cant wait for number 2.

scark921255d ago

This dude is incredible, makes it feel how Corvo would have handled the job in a perfect playthrough!

TWB1255d ago

This gameplay makes me want to consider getting the definitive edition... I was never that interested or saw this interesting gameplay, makes my imagination run a bit wild after watching through the video.