Weighing up the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Sony’s Call of Duty DLC Deal

PlayStation is now the new home of Call of Duty. But what are the potential positives - and drawbacks - for Sony and the PlayStation faithful?

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Rimeskeem1257d ago

It's a smart move by Sony, a good way to combat Halo 5.

StrayaKNT1257d ago

Not really a combat when both are on xbox. Especially since most gamers know cod is on xbox it's a pretty stupid move.

MasterCornholio1257d ago


Not really stupid at all if it moves systems.

AngelicIceDiamond1257d ago

Combat Halo 5? That's interesting how so?

Rimeskeem1257d ago


Halo 5 is one of the if not the largest FPS on Xbox. CoD is incredibly popular as well so Sony getting the exclusivity stuff for PS4 is likely to combat with Halo 5.

aceitman1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

@stray, it looks to be a good move by sony before e3 amazons top 100 in the USA had cod x1 preorders were beating ps4 by a good margin but after e3 ps4 cod is beating x1 by a larger margin. So that cod 30 day dlc did help sell Xboxs and it will help sell ps4s. In the USA. Cuz PlayStation has beaten Xbox in cod sales already world wide.
For the ones disagreeing look at the link x1 is behind

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MasterCornholio1257d ago

Pretty much. Same with Battlefront as well.

joab7771257d ago

It definitely will. With a better controller, and now the exclusivity, along with the simple fact that 22 million consoles have been sold, is enough to get ppl to buy for the PS4.

To be honest, Sony was doing well without it. By the end of last gen, even despite it, Sony had caught up.

FITgamer1257d ago

I agree. If you pay attention to amazon the XB1 version of BO 3 has been ahead since pre-orders opened. A day or two after E3 it dropped out of the top 100. While the PS4 version shot up into the top 20 and has been ahead since. Some people seem to try to convince themselves this won't have much of an impact on PS4 sales, but it's massive for a lot of dedicated COD players. Especially the younger audience.

aceitman1257d ago

But people will disagree even though its true

tinynuggins1257d ago

I hear what you're saying but if you're a dedicated call of duty fan, you've already made the jump to current gen. This was always going to sell more on ps4 because there are more ps4's in circulation. If you already have an xbox1, I don't see you buying a ps4 just to get the dlc a couple months earlier.

FITgamer1257d ago

@Tinynuggins I've mentioned in another article i have a few friends who switched over to Xbox after Ghosts who are now coming back to PS4 because of early DLC. It's crazy to let something like DLC influence you hardware decision, but it's a big deal to a lot. You gotta keep in mind there are a ton of people who spend 90% or more of their gaming time on COD. Also all the young kids who want to be like their favorite COD pro or have desire to make it into the pro circuit.

showtimefolks1257d ago

There is no bad in this deal

Sony took the rights away from Ms

Sony can advertise this to causals like ms did for a while and get them to maybe buy a Ps4 to play this. Plus having exclusive period for dlc will surly boost sales

This is my personal hope, I hope Sony release a limited edition call of duty bundle. Ms always had awesome looking consoles and and controller in call of duty bundle

Sony will be able to move a lot of consoles because of 3 big marketing deals

Mgs 5 and Ed limited edition bundle
star wars marketing
and call of duty

Sony also had batman exclusive marketing and that will surly help too.

You see these deals are not for us core gamers, these are for casuals who will buy whatever they see on TV advertisement. They don't visit gaming sites daily to know

So to them word exclusive content/play the dlc first on ps4 means a lot more than it does to us

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Timesplitter141257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

it's all bad because CoD is Satan. Especially CoD DLC.

Anyone who pays money for exclusive DLC deals (or timed exclusives) is trying to lose everyone's respect in my book. It's pretty sad to see big companies announcing a timed-exclusive 5$ horse armor like it's something big that will bring people back to their system.

If you're gonna make a big announcement, announce a full-blown exclusive game. No less

MasterCornholio1257d ago

Yeah I feel the same way about TombRaider.

That was just disrespectful in my opinion.

I do understand it from a business point of view and I know how it benefits these firms. But it sucks for the consumer.

MasterCornholio1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

"If you're gonna make a big announcement, announce a full-blown exclusive game. No less"

And make it extremely clear that it's exclusive. Like Street Fighter 5 for example.

Really can't disagree with your edit.

nucky641257d ago

lately, I keep hearing that this CoDs collectors edition will have a lot of the older zombies maps which have been remastered - if so, (instead of passing on bo3) I'm buying the game for sure - it'd be too much content to pass up. so, I'd be happy about the sony deal - while i didn't mind waiting for the previous bo1/2 zombies dlc, it'd be nice to get the maps first for a change.

FoxyGotGame1257d ago

The same good, bad and ugly when MS had the what's the point? /

FallenAngel19841257d ago

Even the multiplat games Microsoft heavily advertises sell better on PS4

aceitman1257d ago

I agree fallen the witcher 3 is a big example they even had a witcher 3 bundle. But ps4 almost sold 3 times as much.

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