Here Is DONTNOD's "Remember Me" Recreated In Unreal Engine 4

DONTNOD’s Remember Me is an overlooked game from the previous generation that did not attract the attention of gamers. As a result of that, Polycount’s member ‘shadacer’ decided to recreate a scene from that game in Unreal Engine 4, showing what the game could look like in Epic’s new engine.

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Timesplitter141229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Definitely not the best UE4 "tech demo" out there.

I think we've seen enough of those, too. Time for some real UE4 games now

EDKICK1229d ago

If only Remember Me was actually good.

Eldyraen1229d ago

Parts of it were great but other areas held it back.

The combo system was actually a great idea but it was limiting and repetitive in practice even if it got the job done. A wider range of combos would had helped a lot imo.

EDKICK1229d ago

It had promise, the art style, setting and atmosphere were all begging for a great game underneath, but most of the mechanics were all either annoying, unpolished or gimmicks unfortunately the writing/dialogue wasn't very good either.

AudioEppa1229d ago

I would buy a definitive edition of this game.

daBUSHwhaka1229d ago

If the price was right I would also play again.

UNKLE1229d ago

The game was good and the world was cool neo paris...cyberpunk.

daBUSHwhaka1229d ago

Totally agree.Enjoyed it for what it was.Neo Paris was mint.