The Worst PC Games Ever Made

Some call Daniel from Resonance-Gaming negative about lots of video games, but it's not without due reason. Despite having some of the most unique and fantastic games on the market, the PC also has some of the worst games ever made. Resonance-Gaming take a dive into the Top Of the Bottom.

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BlueRevolvuR3675d ago

in 2004 i found tis game and thought it would be good. its not, it suks. its the exact opposite of COD4.

Wayward3675d ago

I think I played that. Does it start where you are driving a car though somewhere like Iraq? if so, yes it's horrid!

Wii60Fan3674d ago

I think he gave up after the third one. Probably too much writing.

Guwapo773674d ago

...If there was a category for lame ass articles.

No way in the world can you have a worst PC games article...there are millions of lame ass PC games.