SDCC 08: Resident Evil: Degeneration Unveiled

Today at the San Diego Comic Con, fans were treated to the first footage from the Capcom / Sony Pictures Entertainment collaboration, Resident Evil: Degeneration. Making its theatrical debut this fall in Japan and coming to DVD and Blu-ray in North America later in 2008, this spectacular, all-CGI animated feature takes the zombie action to a whole new level with its ground-breaking visual effects and thrilling new storyline.

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sinncross3674d ago

I think I just died a little seeing this. Movement was clunky, and the quality of the animation is appalling. Spirits Within looks better then this (and will probably be an even better movie).

Bob Dole3673d ago

The spirits within was a god-awful excuse for a movie. Just because the CG doesn't look as good as others doesn't mean it's going to be a bad movie.

yanikins1113674d ago

Oh.... MY.....GOD


Character models look like they're from a ps2 cutscene.
Animation is crap!
Voice acting and script sound cornier than 4 pounds of creamed corn.
Story looks ok, but its hard to stuff up zombies and explosions.
On the upside, the tail fin of the plane looked realistic.

Hell, in an age where kz2, ff13 and gt5 GAMEPLAY looks like it does, you cant release an entire movie of this last-gen cgi crap.

Can you?

Kratos Spartan3674d ago

you motha f*ckas are way too nitpicky. So I'm guessing you all are females? I know I will be watching this, because hey, I love Resident Evil.

What a bunch of chumps.

BenderDGreat823674d ago

I'm going to have to agree with you, Chuck. They had a small preview on the Resident Evil: Extinction movie and I was excited...but these seem like cut scenes from a PS/PS2 game.

Animators: Gameplay graphics are nearing your CG animation; kick it up a notch! I mean, look at Wall-E...THAT'S top notch CG. If you really wanted to get our blood pumping, you would have added more textures to the environment and atmostphere...even the villain looks like a cheap plastic figurine. We'll see how this comes out...

maggotmx3674d ago

Man.. even with all the complains u guys may come up with i think it goin to be awesome ps2 graphics or not. I mean how can u go wrong in a RE without Alice.. I hate alice.....

Bob Dole3673d ago

It can't be any worse than Extinction and Apocalypse.

Caxtus7503673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

It isn't nitpicky at all. If movie bosses are going to be arrogant enough to believe they can make a captivating CGI movie as good as Pixar or Dreamworks then they have to pull it off.

Its like saying "the acting" is terrible but "don't be so nitpicky". The animation in a CGI film is the film's "acting" so essentially the acting in the film is terrible.

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Veryangryxbot3674d ago

CGI will do what actors could not. The movies suck with the exception of the first one, which was enjoyable.

But CGI will finally do what all the lame actors and sets could not. Now if only they could make the characters look and act like real humans...

Anyone does anyone know when this stuff hits the market?

Bnet3433674d ago

WOW WTF CAPCOM! This looks horrid. It's like a generic westernized low budget quality movie. I thought we were getting something like 4D Executioner, but better. I am not impressed with this. Leon looks stupid.

Reibooi3674d ago

This is some of the worst CG I have ever seen and the fact that they are intending this to be a movie very much confuses me.

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The story is too old to be commented.