The 7 kinds of town you’ll build in Fallout 4

"It's finally happened: Bethesda has gone toe to toe with Minecraft. The publisher has been toying with in-game map editing tools for its core RPG franchises for some time – Skyrim's Hearthfire expansion allows you to build and decorate houses, on top of a robust physics system that lets you drag objects around willy-nilly – but not ‘til Fallout 4 has it handed us more or less a level designer’s power over an area's layout and contents."

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FullmetalRoyale1255d ago

I'll probably build brown town first of all. Then perhaps the town of Pound.

roguedragon11254d ago

I never knew you could stick a basket over the head of traders in skyrim, and then steal there wares, would of done it a long time ago lol. Seriously, can't wait to get building towns in fallout 4 and with mods coming too its going to be the mutts Nutts.