How To Play: Pixeljunk Eden

TheSixthAxis: "Confused about how to play PixelJunk Eden, now you've got your grubby mitts on the playable demo? Well, here's a nice, easy cut out and keep guide. Use your eyes to see the pictures, use your brain to interpret the words, and your Dual Shock 3 to catch those pesky Spectra."

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Bombibomb3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Wow who the hell needs a guide for Pixeljunk Eden? It's so simple. You can do everything using just one button and one analog stick lol.

Prismo_Fillusion3642d ago

I guess you don't know how to reel in your silk while you're spinning. Because it's not the same button(s) as all the other actions.

StephanieBBB3642d ago

Omg... I just have one question. Can you people use the toilet by yourself or do you have to wait untill your parents come home to wipe your a'ss?

*This was devoted to the article and those who read it.

Doppy3642d ago

It's hard to play if you jsut go in and play the game without reading the guide, because it is too simple. Read the very short guide and you'll be ok.

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SL1M DADDY3642d ago

I played it for a while last night and have got to say that this game is absolutely addicting. Great title and I am not sure why anybody would need a tutorial as they offer that up in-game but hey, if it helps the little folk play a great game then so be it.

himdeel3642d ago

...I want this game. It's absolutely fantastic. Simple and fun!

Ali_The_Brit3642d ago

such an amazing games, PSN always has quality games

Pain3642d ago

and yaa instructions!!!

i just loaded it played was like HUH? kool just Huh? what i doo lol?

its a Casually awesome game lol

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The story is too old to be commented.