How to Fix PS4 Blue Light of Death

The PS4’s infamous Blue Light of Death (BLOD), is less of a problem nowadays, but caused many issues when the PlayStation 4 launched. The blue light is a general fault code, so it can be hard to pinpoint what exactly has gone wrong. You can give the following steps a try and you might get it working again.

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madmonkey01960d ago

infamous? I never heard of it.

Relientk77960d ago

I don't know what it is and I've never heard of it

MaximusPrime_960d ago

First time I heard of blue light of death. How can that be classed as "infamous"?

nX960d ago

Sensationalism at it's finest :)
Compared to the last generation the failure rate this gen seems to be almost non-existent.

ShinMaster959d ago (Edited 959d ago )

I've heard of it... once... at launch.

aerisbueller959d ago

you guys haven't heard of the infamous blue light of death?:

SilentNegotiator959d ago

It's so infamous that no seems to have heard of it an entire 2 years into the PS4's life.

frenchtoast959d ago

Hows it sensationalism? It would be sensationalism if it was in the title. This is just in the text itself, it was affecting quite a few units at launch, but was within yield expectations.

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nucky64960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

never heard of it either.....i wonder if knows the definition of the word "infamous"

edit: i googled up an artcle:

it says that the rate of this problem was less than 4000 per million consoles...... hardly infamous.

"infamous" would be more like the 30+% failure rate of RRODing 360s.

Agent_00_Revan959d ago

We are now about 20 months into this generation. By this point last generation I was on my 3rd 360, and very close to the point when I had to get my 4th.


I have.

But hey I read N4G so of course I have.

garos82959d ago

I think they spelt " rubber on the analogue sticks" wrong

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Whitey2k960d ago

I brought mine on launch and had no problems what so ever

vikingland1960d ago

I've heard of it but it wasn't wide spread. I think it was from people plugging the power cord in wrong and bending the connections.

MasterCornholio960d ago

I heard of it before and the issue where the disks eject by themselves.

Thankfully as a launch PS4 owner I didn't have an issue yet. I have a feeling that these systems are more reliable than their predecessors.

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The story is too old to be commented.