Where next for Assassin's Creed? -

The Quit or Continue hosts take a look at the Assassin's Creed series to date.

With 2015 instalment, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, getting a less than enthusiastic reception from us on its opening trailer, is the franchise running out of puff?

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Kipster1252d ago

Take a break. Re-think the franchise. Come back fresh. Or just do what I did and not play the series for a couple of years. If Ubi won't take a break, you need to take one yourself.

These days games feel like horror franchises, getting more and more tired with each year.

TeamLeaptrade1251d ago

I agree. Take a few years off from the franchise, or work on one big giant AC game for those years and then come back to the gaming world with a better game.

Last new AC game I played was Black Flag, and I haven't touched another in the series yet. And I'm okay with that.

But yeah, come back in a few years and re-address the franchise then.

HereThereBeGamers1252d ago

The thing is they never took the Desmond story anywhere worthwhile and now every game is the same - albeit in a new bit of fancy dress.

Maybe a game that straddles eras to bring a few different timelines (including a Blade Runner-like future) into the one game?

Haru1251d ago

Desmond could've been the male version of Faith from Mirror's edge only if they didn't kill him off..he was part of the story and kept the set piece together making the game more interesting I wish they kept him in the game :/

TheEnigma3131251d ago

This series is so far off track it's not even funny.

Eldyraen1251d ago

Linearly it would probably go to a world war--perhaps during assassination that starts the first or revolving around a plot to kill Hitler. It would at least "fit" but once guns go towards modern AC starts to lose everything interesting imo.

AC needs a break but more likely it will go further in the past again (or should if they keep AC alive--automatic weapons just would end up making it more of traditional stealth game).

Cam9771251d ago

The series needs a break
I'm wornout, and i can't bring myself to start Rogue.

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