G4 Ted Price/Insomniac Interview

The one moment in the Sony press conference that got everyone's attention was the demo of Resistance 2 played by Insomniac Games' President and CEO Ted Price. When you get to watch a 300-foot tall monster tear apart Chicago, I'd have to say that is a good day. Marc Saltzman got to sit down with the man himself to discuss the changes they've made since Resistance: Fall of Man, their inspiration for the huge scope of the game, and what they're doing with Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty. Enjoy.

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interrergator3559d ago

i wonder theres a leader of the chimera kuz i saw that eurogamer trailer and that voice did not sound like nathan hale

Tomdc3559d ago

hmm... its a mystery, the cloven sort of lead em i guess... In one intelligence document they were said to be herding them almost =P

Anyone see ted price nearly die runnin away from the big monster at Sony's press conference lol! He got stuck behind a couch =)

jkhan3559d ago

Well if u look at this footage and the footage released on that site, the levels shown at E3 surely lacked polish compare to the latest build shown in the recent footage. Hopefully this game will look amazing when it is released.

beavis4play3559d ago

i noticed that too. game looks better and better every time new info is released.

StephanieBBB3559d ago

The ground beneath the buildings when Nathan fights the big levithan looks very bad imo. I hope that they fix that at least.

Chubear3558d ago

what do you mean bad? It's a flood. The city's covered in water, how else is it supposed to look like from 300 feet above ground?

project76dodo3558d ago

ted price is the man
he is always humble and always delivers

DFresh3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Insomniac is on fire!

1.) Resistance Fall of Man (Amazing 1st release title for the PS3.)

2.) Ratchet & Clank Future (Really awesome and definitely move expanded w/ the series and a great step into this gen of gaming.)

3.) Resistance 2 (Best Shooter/Multiplayer experience of 2008 hands down!)= November 2008

4.) Resistance Retribution (Finally I get to play Resistance on the go w/ an expansion of the Chimera fight in Europe.)= Spring 2009

5.) Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty (Another great extension of R&C Future only now it's coming to the PSN.)

6.) Ratchet & Clank (Title)= Late 2009

Insomniac have got to be one of the best developers this gen.

PS3 Rules!

Veryangryxbot3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

And Resistance 2 will MURDER it.

When the first game came out, it was just a launch title created by Insomniac Games for the PS3.

But little did they know that xbots will use this title and compare it with a second year 360 title known as greys of war. Xbots tore Resistance apart.

Now Resistance 2 is back. And now Insomniac knows whats up. Now they have been informed about Greys of war 1.5. Now they know xbot turds will compare the two games. Now Insomniac is not just making this new game. They made this game with the intention to destroy Greys of war, the last beacon of hope and shining light for the 360.

And Resistance 2 will succeed. Greys of war is hopelessly outdated and fails in comparison on all levels.
Resistance 2 looks better than Greys of war visually, has cities recreated to perfection, has a multi player mode that is literally 12 times larger than Greys of war, has a 8 player coop mode where each player has a different story, and has the largest scale ever seen in videogame made possible only by Blu Ray. Just how large? 300 feet tall boss battles, waves of 50-60 rippers all coming at you are mere examples of the scale of this game.

Resistance 2 has already won the fight between the two games.
Greys of war 1.5 is same old same old. Its not pushing anything anymore because the first game has already used 90% of the 360s power. In other words it is stagnant already.

Greys of war cannot compete. I hear Cliffy really pushed the 360 this time around. They have increased the multiplayer from 4v4 to a whoppin 5V5!

Now what xbots. Now what. The facts speak for itself. R2 is doing things Greys of war can only dream about. The jump from R1 to R2 is equivalent to Star wars (a new hope) to The Empire Strikes Back.

The jump from Grey 1 to Grey 1.5 is the equivalent from Star Trek with Jean Luc Picard to Star Trek Kathryn Janeway. Sure its fun, but same old same old.


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