Asia among world's highest broadband penetration

From the article: "A recent Frost & Sullivan study said broadband growth in the region is driven by factors such as the increasing popularity of online applications like multi-player online games, video-on-demand and video sharing and social networking services.

South Korea and Hong Kong are two of the top three markets in the world with the highest household broadband penetration. Korea topped the Gartner study with 93 percent penetration in 2007, with this figure expected to hit 97 percent in 2012.

Next on the list are the Netherlands and Hong Kong, trailing Korea with rates of 74 and 76 percent, respectively last year. Although the Netherlands had a lower score last year, it was placed above Hong Kong in the list because it is projected to surpass Hong Kong in 2012 by a slim margin at 82 percent--Gartner predicts Hong Kong to hit 81 percent in the year."

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