Gamestop Is Getting an Amiibo Re-Stock Tomorrow, Here’s Which Amiibo Will be Available

According to leaked information coming out from a Gamestop memo, several amiibo will be seeing a re-stock tomorrow, on July 9th.

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LazerShark1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Lol, I was at a store yesterday and some older (and fatter) black lady bought out all the Ness and Dedede. I asked her if I can buy one and she offered to sell them to me at 4X the price. Rigth in front of the Gamestop employee.

Gamestop employee did nothing to stop this obvious scalper from snatching up all these Amiibo.
Seriously, why does anyone need 4-6 of each Amiibo?
They should limit them to 1 per person.

I bet no Gamestop will have them in stock today because of assholes like her. I called the three around me and they are all sold out. Yes, this restock worked..... Oh wait.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

It's not bad or illegal to buy a toy and resale it though. I think you're being over dramatic and @beaks is showing his dark side. If anyone's at fault it's the company not keeping up with supply and demand on purpose.

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Chevalier1228d ago

I work at an EB Games and was discussing how I wanted a Rosalina and the guy was going to Toys R Us buying up everything offered to sell it for $40, lol.

At my store I put them behind the desk and sell only 1 per person. I know other stores don't do that. The Wal Mart near me let 1 person buy 15 Jigglypuffs. Boy did the Nintendo rep get mad at that guy.

I have other people ask me if they can pick up an additional one for a 'friend' and I always say no. Especially when the next they say is "you guys probably get a lot of scalpers" and I just stare at them.

In short scalpers are awful and Nintendo has no idea what they're doing.

Blink_441228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

My gamestop was limiting the ness to 1 per person, I was lucky to get one. You would think all gamestops would have that same rule.

Chevalier1228d ago

Especially since as the Nintendo rep put it "You WILL sell them all, do you want 15 happy customers with 1 each or 1 happy customer and 14 angry ones?!"

He was fairly annoyed after specifically driving to all the stores and discussing with each Wal-Mart then the one guy sells 15 to one person in full view of all the other people behind him in line.

I am just lucky I have awesome customers and friends that got me Greninja and jigglypuff for me since I was working the amiibos launch and couldn't get to either store till I was done work.

I don't understand how Nintendo thinks. Skylanders has made $3.5 billion in sales and why aren't Nintendo making there own game with these amiibos?! Why the ridiculous short supply?

The Toys R us here did there launch well and had people line up and get tickets to purchase amiibos. They still were short on Lucina, Robin, but, for their exclusive Greninja they got 80-90 per store so people legitimately had a chance to get one since they limited each person to 1 each.

Jigglypuff and Ness exclusives were in short supply. Not as ridiculously short supply as Rosalina at least.

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PhatGokuu1228d ago

it's not the lady's fault it's nintendos they know you want them so they keep supply low I applaud her for making some cash off them