SMITE Enters Open Beta Phase On Xbox One

Hi-Rez’s godly MOBA SMITE now available to all Xbox One users during Open Beta.

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4Sh0w930d ago

Cool I'll check it out.

Bigpappy930d ago

Yeah, curious about how this plays

MrBigShot007930d ago

It's a great game, very fun. My first time playing a MOBA and the competitive nature of the game and the depth is engaging.

syotos77930d ago

This game was actually one of the reasons I picked up my xbox one lol. Played for about 2 years on pc glad to see it flourishing on another platform, really a great game for anyone who loves competition.

Ace Killa 08930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

For the new guys have patience and use your mics. This is a team game, and communication and coordination a must.

Also login daily to get rewards to unlock gods and skins.

urwifeminder930d ago

I deleted it plays a lot better on pc tried and tried to like it, I found it way more interesting than Dota but also deleted the PC version it has an awful community I will try Gigantic but I am discovering that moba is not a genre for me.

syotos77930d ago

You think the dota community is better than the smite one? I had the opposite experience. Mind sharing a little more?

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