GTA IV Not Coming To The PC (Yet)

You may see, or may already have seen, images of the cover of the latest issue of PC Gamer Malaysia. Purporting to confirm that GTA IV is on its way to the PC. Well it's not, at least, it's not yet, with the magazine's editor admitting the cover's headline is his own conjecture. Rockstar have also chimed in, denying any announcement on a PC version has been made.

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shyam1520073555d ago

This was such an overhyped game. Most pepl and their grandma got it on console anyways ;)

wibble3555d ago

Overhyped or not, it's still an amazing creation. I personally don't like the gameplay, I find it too tedious carrying out the missions. Too much like work!. :) But I can still appreciate the virtual city that Rockstar created and the multiplayer side of it. To me a video game is a work of art and GTA IV is state of the art.

But like you, I can't help but question whether GTA IV will ever be ported to PC because most PC users already own a 360 or a PS3.

jinn3555d ago

not a game for the PC anyways

mistertwoturbo3555d ago

I hope this does come out on PC. That way I can finlly F'in play with no frame rate dips and 1920x1080 resolution.