Media Create sales (6/29 – 7/5)

Media Create published the latest Japanese hardware/software sales.

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marloc_x1136d ago

Good to see 1rst party software doing soo well :)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1135d ago

Fire Emblem is now a major Nintendo Franchise.

It all thanks to Sakurai for Super Smash Bros. Melee, Brawl and Wii U/3DS for including them in the west and give them a lot of love.

Thanks to that we started getting FE games in the west and boy when we heard that Awakening would be the last if it doesn't sell pass 900k boy we ran out and bought it. After that demo impressed.

Hopefully the next Fire Emblem is a console game.

desolationstorm1135d ago

Intelligent Systems has always made great games. Just wish they'd make a new advance wars.

ZeekQuattro1135d ago

FE and Splatoon heating up the charts.

MikleDemi1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Awesome. The Wii U with over 13K units sold and Nintendo dominating the top 10 software sales, looks like all those predicting doom and gloom were way off.

Hopefully the leaked Gearbox NX project email turns out to be correct, since it looks like Nintendo is recovering.
Cimbined with their mobile partnership, I can see them doing much better in 2016.

Props to PS4 for selling so well despite no must play software. My PS3 had more playtime than 4, no idea how/why its selling so well.

wonderfulmonkeyman1135d ago

Because they strummed the right heartstrings during its E3 reveal by bashing the XBone, then followed it up with impressive graphics for the games.

Basically they played into the console wars and have been riding that wave ever since.
It's all a result of marketing and presentation.

Me, though, I'm with you on this one; I haven't yet been given a reason to trade in my PS3.
The PS3 still has a huge library waiting to be explored, and a lot of the newer games on PS4 haven't done anything outside of graphics to impress me enough to want one.

ABizzel11135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Wii U coming in 4th place, in their homeland, also the worst selling of the big 3 regions, with only 2 of their console games in the top 10.

There's nothing awesome about that, beside the 2 games in the top 10 for JP.

JP is at least doing okay as of late with buying console hardware, but both Sony and Nintendo need to do more to get the country back.

As far as PS4 sales, it's because it was the most powerful console, and at the time it was priced much better than the Wii U ($50 got you much better hardware and full 3rd party support) and XBO ($100 less got you better hardware), in price : performance comparison, and with the success of the PS3 and it's amazing first party exclusives, the PS4 was a better value in the eyes of many gamers. That's why it sold and continues to sell so well.

Now I agree about the PS3 being better at this point in it's lifecycle than PS4 has been. Sony's first parties are taking their precious time, but if they're all making games like Uncharted 4, Horizon, and DC (after all the patches), then by all means those games will be worth the wait. Sony is pushing new IP and fan faves, which is going to take longer, but I agree it's taking a bit too long.

benji1011135d ago

When the difference between second and 4th is a few thousand consoles it is not really a big deal. If it was 10k then that would be an issue..What's more Famitsu has the numbers a lot closer.

ABizzel11135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )


That's my point exactly, nothing is doing great in JP except 3DS after counting all it's various models.

So a 4th place Wii U is not "Awesome" nor getting rid of any doom and gloom stories.

What PS4 does in a month in JP it does in a week in EU and NA, and in JP it running neck and neck with Wii U for June MC numbers. That's not great by any means for neither of them which is why I said Sony and Nintendo need to do more to try to get the JP gamer back on console, because that audience is shrinking big time.

Neonridr1135d ago

all that extra power and PS4 games are selling what.. 5k a week in Japan ABizzel1?

LazerShark1135d ago

Exactly, and wait, people are actually happy the NX is getting a full priced Borderlands port? Phhhssaaw.

ABizzel11134d ago


The complete definition of going off topic.

What on earth does it have to do with anything I said. They asked why the PS4 was selling better and I gave the reason, and you try being a [email protected]$$, but there are several HIGH PROFILE Wii U games have sold that bad on a global scale, so what's the point? A game selling 100k is considered a success in JP which is sad, but I'll entertain you.

Name me 1 AAA JP franchise on PS4 right now...... And yet the PS4 has almost as many +100k selling games as the Wii U which has been almost a year and a half longer than that PS4 in JP (100k is considered good in JP for console, which is awful).

The PS4 has been sharing it's "big games" with the PS3 which already has an install base of +10m in JP, yet it's still selling well, and those cross platform games are selling well on both consoles.

2015 game sales Splatoon, Mario Party 10, and Xenoblade cracked the 100k for Wii U with Splatoon selling the most currently at just over 300k copies sold. For PS4 Dragon Quest Heroes, Bloodborne, Yakuza Zero, Final Fantasy Type-0, The Witcher, and Battfield Hardline all cracked the 100k mark with Dragon Quest also selling over 300k.

Wii U has a near 1 million install base more than PS4 in JP (where 1m is a decent lead). Yet PS4 has had more 100k sellers so far this year.

Nintendo has all their big exclusive out already in JP (2D Mario, 3D Mario, Kart, Smash, etc...). PlayStation thrives in JP off of a couple exclusives and 3rd party games like MGS, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil (Biohazard), Street Fighter, and more all of which are coming to PS4 before the end of next year (well, maybe not RE) and they're the best selling games in JP outside of Nintendo first party.

PS4 is selling parity weekly with Wii U with Nintendo's best games already out. PS4 is getting it's heavy hitters with a year.

Why do you people even try it with me. How many times do I have to serve you people over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.

I never initiated this as a sales battle, because off top I said both Sony and Nintendo need to do more, but you desperate trolls just have to add your unnecessary 2 cents in that can't pay the bill, and I'll be glad to come down under your bridge and knock you into the stream / river / etc...

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Inzo1135d ago

Xbox 360 - Dead
Xbox one - Almost dead