Batgirl A Matter of Family Trailer & Artwork Revealed For Batman Arkham Knight

New Batgirl Trailer realeased showing Batgirl and the Joker facing off on some cool new artwork too.

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chilopirrin1136d ago

I hope it last longer (at least 4 more hours) than the harley Quinn mision, it took me just 20 minutes to complete and I try to play slowly...

pasta_spice1136d ago

I was excited for this but that trailer has me worried. I hope there is more to the dlc than fighting wave after wave of Joker's goons

wheatley1136d ago

It's been reported this will feature side quests and collectibles left by the joker - whether that amounts to more than just popping balloons it will have to be seen. Looking forward to next week :)

RedDeadLB1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Mark Hamill, WOOOT. Didn't he say he's done with Joker after City?

wheatley1136d ago

He also said he would do the voice again if they ever adapted The Killing Joke into an animated movie. I think this is the closest we are getting for now, and Mark must have been happy to do it.

wnek91136d ago

You should play arkham knight Cough Cough

Sevir1136d ago

I'm still mad Rocksteady trolled us with the Arkham knight's identity... It wasn't as powerful a revelation, especially if you know the comics and the animated movies.

blackblades1135d ago

They love the joker, they had to make a prequel dlc just to feature him.

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