1UP's Best of E3 2008

Best E3 Download Game: Flower
Best E3 Shooting Game: Resistance 2
Best E3 Trailer: Infamous
Best New Title: MAG
Game of the Show: LittleBigPlanet

And many more !

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Real gamer 4 life3675d ago

little LBP AAA game confirmed!!

Playstation Man3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

And people find a way to disagree with me when I say that the XBOX360 holiday lineup looks God-awful.

If 1up of all biased sites are giving LBP game of the show, 10/10 average confirmed!

Edit: Too bad Siren wasn't in there for downloadable. Game is freaking awesome! Playing it again for completionist purposes (weapons, story bits).

cahill3675d ago

was there any doubt?

Resistance 2 =fps goty 2008

TheExecutive3675d ago

LBP may just win GOTY. There are plenty of titles coming out and some are probably just as good as LBP but NONE look to change the face of gaming forever. LBP not only looks to change social gaming forever but it looks like its going to be a successful game as well- which is exactly why it will win GOTY.

callahan093675d ago

Seriously, 1.1, I just looked at the list and noticed that 3 out of 5 of the best 360 games at the show are also on PS3. And that 0 out of 5 of the best PS3 games at the show are also on the 360.

jamilion3675d ago

Uh, its going to be tough to beat MGS4 but hey, if its competition between PS3 games for GOTY, im happy.

Playstation Man3675d ago

The best games on 360 are PS3 support titles for their exclusive lineup. Seriously, bad days of M$ await.

thewhoopimen3675d ago

It's hilarious that they needed to fill the 360's lineup with multiplat games. But on a more insidious note, talk about misinformation to non-gamers who might think these are exclusives and have a false impression of the Xbox's actual lineup #s vs. the PS3s.

Lifendz3675d ago

Sony produces yet another hit.

Lifendz3675d ago

MS had the best conference but Sony's games are winning all the awards? I'll take that!

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-M4verick-3675d ago

There's lots of contradictions in these categories..... for example, How is Resistance 2 the best shooter over Gears of War 2 and yet Gears of War 2 is a runner up for the Best Game of E3 and Resistance 2 isn't nominated?

That doesn't really make sense...shoudn't that put Resistance 2 in 2nd place for Game of the Show and not Gears??...or do they just randomly pick everything?

beast3675d ago

That ps3 vote were probably divided by infamous which was also in the best of show and LBP.

cahill3675d ago

LBP beats any game out there`

It is not just a game but an experience.XPLAY awarded LBP with game of e3 award too

as for shooter Resistance beats both kz2 and gears 2 in gameplay .
Resistance 2 looks as good as Gears2 (better character modeels)

TheColbertinator3675d ago

@M4verick I found that strange also.Oh well.

Resistance 2 and Gears 2...I can't wait to play both

juuken3675d ago

You're made of fail.
You're the fake ass Maverick-there's no denying it.

syanara3675d ago

now thats the kinda stuff people should be saying gears 2 and resistance 2 are both gonna be great games who cares what console theyre for if u don't have that console either get it or dont play the game its not that big of a deal

-M4verick-3675d ago

No ones whining [email protected] Nasim.

Read it again you stupid sh1t arab. Washimul.


DaTruth3675d ago

Great vid!!! Can't wait to see the polished, finished product.

Off topic:300 ft. Leviathan can't knock down skyscrapers, Chimera should have used planes... Reality stranger than fiction!

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masterofpwnage3675d ago

soo whos gonna dominate 08?

please tell me people.

even this 1up the xbox site choose the ps3 now.

DaTruth3675d ago

If 1up doesn't come up with a 360 fanboy list, this shows how low IGN really went with their fanboy list. IGN is a joke.

jkhan3675d ago

Its going to be pretty hard to pick up game of the year between LBP and MGS4.
My Prediction
Resistance 2 = best fps 2008
Gears 2 = best tps 2008
Best RPG = Fallout3 or Fable 2
Best Action game = MGS4
Best Platformer = LBP
Best MP = R2 (although Gears 2 modes are insane)
Best Looking game = MGS4

TheExecutive3675d ago

gears will win best graphics of '08

TheColbertinator3675d ago

MGS4,Gears 2,and Crysis Warhead in the same year?Good time to be a graphics whore

SI7VER3675d ago

Have you played MGS4 yet? I just want to know before you start comparing graphics between games.


TheExecutive3675d ago

I am on my 3rd time through the game :). Yeah its got really really good graphics, but no one will give it GOTY for graphics. I think all in all MGS is technically more impressive than gears but frame for frame Gears will pull off the win.

Common Sense3675d ago

One is TPS and one is a FPS and they're both great games.

When it comes to superior graphics, you really can't compare. In resistance, you can notice the sheer amount of polygons on-screen ( like the big ships, the WATER, the big buildings, big giant realistic boss and lots of enemies on screen -that you can fight) compared to guys with fantastic character models and a new lighting engine but you only fight 2 enemies at a time and it's linear and it seems to have less real estate.

NO_PUDding3675d ago

I agree, everyone says MGS4 looks great, and it does, but there's a few niggles here and there.

But to be fair we have only seen Bullshots of Gears 2 so far. There was lots of moments in the demo at E3 where it looked superb and then others where it looked god awful, so I really don't know.

But to tell the truth MGS4 is pretty average looking to me. And once Snake gets a certain inflcition, the textures really bug me for the second half of the game, becuase it looks stupid.

DaTruth3675d ago

Please list the games that make MGS4 look average? I gotta see this. 1... uh... uhhhh.... um...

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