Why Some Graphics Age Well (+ Why Shenmue & Castlevania SotN Are So Special) - Best Game Podcast 6

With all this talk about Shenmue 3, have you wondered what all the fuss is about? Janelle's been playing the original for the first time. Meanwhile, Heath, who finished that game well over a decade ago, has been watching and reminiscing.

We couldn't help but notice how the game, while undeniably dated, still looks good.

This led us also to discuss what makes certain graphics hold up well. Why do some games look good when they're new, crappy a year later, and downright laughable after five or six years? Meanwhile, some games still look great after 15 years, such as Shenmue and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

And what makes Shenmue's open world different than others? With so many other, bigger open world games around, why is there still such a dedicated following for Shenmue?

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knifefight1019d ago

Attention to detail is a huge boost for Shenmue. Even though they're 2 generations outdated by now, the game is still great to look at because of how many fine details are in that world.

oasdada1018d ago

This is exactly why shenmue is shenmue, and why it cost 70m to make

1018d ago
Smitty20201018d ago

Love the game wish they would make a hd version of 1 and 2 before 3 comes out

psplova1018d ago (Edited 1018d ago )

This! While your at it I'd really appreciate a revisioned HD remake of SOTN as well please! Never beat that one..

Ahmay1018d ago

YEAH, cuz i missed something back then! I think the game ended for me at half way.. cuz i never made it to Dracula.. just beat the other big name boss if u know what i mean. oh, that ending theme was beautiful.. "I Am The Wind"

1018d ago
psplova1017d ago

Calstlevania Sympony of the Night

Spotie1018d ago

I imagine if Shenmue 3 does well enough, we may just see HD remakes- or remasters- of the first two. I'd love that, because while I'm a back for 3, I haven't played the first two at all.

1018d ago
Spotie1018d ago

Have a helpful bubble. I may just try it anyway, and still get the games when they come out.

Though, ideally, I might be able to take advantage of GameStop selling older consoles again. Shenmue + Grandia 2 = automatic buy.

1018d ago
Vanfernal1018d ago

Art direction is the key. If a game has good art direction it's gonna be timeless.

gangsta_red1018d ago

A lot of games on Dreamcast aged extremely well. I think it's because Sega always made games that were bright, colorful and pleasing to the eye.