Artifact Adventure Review - An Adventure in Nostalgia | GamerHeadlines

GamerHeadlines writes: For the past few years now, we’ve seen more and more indie developers harken back to the “retro” video game design & style of the late 80s and early 90s for their projects. We’ve seen it with games like Shovel Knight, Axiom Verge and Super Time Force, and Artifact Adventure is the latest game to join that list. Artifact Adventure is a 2D retro-inspired JRPG released for PC via Steam. The game is available for $6.99 and is developed by studio Bluffman. It proudly claims itself as “The ultimate mix of classic aesthetics and modern open world RPG!” which is true to an extent. The game captures the old NES look perfectly, while also sprinkling in modern RPG mechanics such as meaningful story choices. If you grew up playing games like Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior 3, you’ll feel right at home while playing Artifact Adventure.

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