Splatoon Review - Geeking Around

A brand new AAA IP from Nintendo and its an online shooter? Hell has indeed frozen over but is this manic multiplayer offering worth your hard earned bucks?

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Trolltroll1257d ago

Is this even a AAA budget game? This is nothing like the empty AAA promise of watch dogs, AC unity, Destiny or The Order. A two year development cycle can hardly be compared to the 200mil 5 year development some of the other games listed are. First party dosent all ways mean AAA. Make up your minds ethier Nintendo is AAA or they only produce cheap rehashed garbage you cant straddle that fence.

N4g_null1256d ago

I'm sorry this game is great. It is AAA in game design. which is where the above games lack. I'm playing this game daily. I'm an old doom, quake 1-3 player and i will tell you this game has more AAA good shooting in it than any walk and collect a ton fest you can post.

The art is jetset radio, and hillarious. The game play is beyond voice chat. You either got skills and situational awarness or you are done in 30 seconds. The game is brutally fun.

True I would love for nintendo to blow 200 million on art also. Yet i go to movies for more bang for my buck. Less lame story and collect a tons also.

plus this game gets bigger as we speak. Over 20 different game play types due to weapons, various load outs, that change the game and a day by day upgrade of levels almost. One of the few games that don't leave you waiting for that 200 million to be wasted on dlc you didn't want any way.

I can't believe you actually posted watch dogs... how lame.

Trolltroll1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

This is a criticism of the artical not the game Splatoon. AAA references the budget of the game not the power or greatness of the studio. As you see I called the other listed titles (including watchdogs) "the empty AAA promise"
Nintendo pulled this Gem out of their butts. It was a great concept that was implemented quickly into a great game.
So I do not associate Splatoon with AAA title development. I associate Splatoon with Smash underdog success with small development teams and Big Heart. The games success goes to inovation and execution not to the budget. Sorry if you thought I was slinging mud at
Splatoon I am just slinging mud at the double standards. They call Nintendo a no effort ip machine one day then a AAA developer the next.

N4g_null1256d ago

Got ya. Sorry mate. I just feel like AAA is ruining game play and creativity.

Great reply also... about to get on splatoon now! Stay fresh!