The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt New Game Plus Mode Discussed By Team’s Community Lead

CD Projekt RED Community Lead Marcin Momot recently talked about the possible inclusion of a New Game Plus mode in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

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MilkMan1135d ago

NG+ should have been added from the git.
I would love to play this game again at maximum settings with a fully developed Witcher and kick some booty the proper way.

Not having it was a mistake, but perhaps it can be rectified. That's a big question mark.

ArchangelMike1135d ago

It'll probably come bundled with the new expansion packs, and it makes sense.

CDPR will likely focus on imporovement patches for the time being, but because the expansions will be bringing new gameplay - especially when alot of people would have already completed the game and maxed out their characters, it makes sense to add a NG+ so that everyone is not just completely overpowered going in to the expansions.

Raf1k11135d ago

The point of hard difficulties is to be difficult. I feel new game+ as good as it is takes the difficulty down since you start with an overpowered character. Might as well play on easy.

So I can understand not having it in the game to begin with but I do usually find that I feel like playing it again if the new game+ option is there.

I suppose having the option for those that want it isn't bad.

cogniveritas1135d ago

I've always felt NG+ was a good way to just fool around and definitely be overpowered if you're at that level. Although, it would be great to add in even stronger NG+ exclusive creatures that can dominate you.

Also, I've always been curious to see a NG+ game where your character is vaguely aware of the potential outcomes of situations from the past playthrough but just can't fully remember and it opens up new choices or the ability to save people you couldn't save before or kill certain enemies early. Or they remember when you came to kill them so they take precautions to survive and the story bends a little (it can be total non canon). There was something like this in Shadow of Memories from PS2.

Raf1k11135d ago

That does sound pretty good. Would go a fair way to adding replay value.

WitWolfy1135d ago

Oh God please make it happen, by rhe time I got to lvl 35 and got the best armour and swords the game was over.

leemo191135d ago

I would welcome this, after getting all the top gear and beating every quest, there's nothing to do and leveling up takes forever now.

nucky641135d ago

agreed. I'm lvl. 41 and trying to grind away killing whatever I can find; but whatever I kill only gives 2 xp each! I'd like to get to lvl 48 - I've got bluprints for lvl 44 sword.....2 for lvl 46 and 2 for lvl 48. I don't want to make them until I can get to the lvl where I can use them. CDPR should have had more quests available that would only open up to high lvl characters.

Simco8761135d ago

How do you people have time? I'm on level 19, and still have so much to do. I don't see myself giving this another play through, just get all I can done, beat the game three days before Fallout 4.

Raf1k11135d ago

I was in the same boat. Took me ages to finish the game. I still have a bunch of quests I in my quests log.

I noticed that the main story quests give you shit loads of xp and can level up much quicker that way.

1135d ago
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