EA Sports explains how gamers will Be the Playmaker in Madden NFL 16

Fantasy football is played by millions of people all over the world and so is the Madden NFL series, so what happens when you mix them together and add in EA Sports unparalleled access to the legends of the game?

According to EA Sports, a whole new way to be a “playmaker.”

“This year, we’re introducing new ways for fans to Be the Playmaker both on and off the field,” Rex Dickson, the creative director for “Madden NFL 16” said. “It all starts with Draft Champions, which is Madden’s own unique take on fantasy football. You start with a base team, then you have 15 rounds to pick players to improve your squad. Each round you select from one of three guys, and the players offered are a mix of current stars and legends. Once you’ve picked a team, you can take the field in special events either against other drafted teams or against the CPU. Once you finish an event you draft a brand new team and restart the experience. It’s a great, quick way to play the game in a new way.”

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