Sony’s Yoshida Congratulates Naughty Dog & Guerrilla Games With Game Critics Awards

President of Sony Computer Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida has congratulated both Naughty Dog and Dutch developer Guerrilla Games with the Game Critics Awards that both PS4 developers won.

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Septic1253d ago

Fully well deserved. ND even blew my expectations out of the water with their showing.

Horizon also looks incredible. Glad GG moved away from the Killzone franchise to do somethng as bold as this.

Both titles also just scream next-gen and tbh, I'm still kind of waiting for that experience that says, yup, next-gen is here in its entirety.

VER1ON1253d ago

I'm still rewatching both trailers and they still amaze me. Very well deserved by both companies!

morganfell1252d ago

The updated version of the high bitrate UC4 demo is up at Gamersyde:

strickers1253d ago

3 PS exclusives won total of 5 awards at E3 Game Critics awards. All games that interest me too.

VER1ON1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

You're referring to No Man's Sky? Since that will also release on PC.

Letthewookiewin1253d ago

Console exclusive. I don't downplay X1 games that come to PC.

Fishy Fingers1253d ago

'Console exclusive' is just as valid as full blown exclusive. Unless it's on the other system to the one you own then it's clearly NOT exclusive. You'd do well to remember that on N4G ;)

TomLovesXBOX1252d ago

@VER1ON So does that mean Xbox has almost no exclusives since almost all of them will release on PC?

Letthewookiewin1253d ago

Two of the most amazing games at E3, I'm calling that Uncharted will be February 23rd and Horizon will be some where in between Oct-Nov 2016.

Side note The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is dropping on PS4 July 15th, Beyond announced it and haven't seen it announced anywhere else. Can't wait it looks reallly great.

MasterCornholio1253d ago

Your predictions are quite reasonable.


And Ethan Carter looks very interesting to me.

MasterCornholio1253d ago

Those three games had a really good showing.


Chuk51252d ago

As a 360 gamer, I've been going through ps3 game on ps now.I'm finally getting to experience the entire uncharted trilogy in more than a few slices here and there. Holy hell UC2 really was as good as it was cracked up to be. I was really excited for Uncharted 4 before, but man I'm not sure any game will compare if the can take the set pieces to another level on ps4.

medman1252d ago

Were you aware the Nathan Drake Collection is coming this fall, and includes a beta Uncharted 4 multiplayer invite?

Chuk51247d ago

Yes, I was but it's like $80 in tornto where I live, and honestly for $20 I played through all three mainline games and remained impressed by their technical prowess even to this day.

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The story is too old to be commented.