Twitch can finally broadcast any smartphone game — but only on Sony handsets

Sony and Twitch are announcing today that people can start broadcasting live gameplay of any game on their phones to the Twitch website.

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Septic1135d ago

Ah what?! I have a Xperia Z3; wont it work for that? Time to stream some angry birds yeaaah! /s

Naga1135d ago

Right? Streaming phone games is a thing, now?

Septic1135d ago

Expect more casuals and women with revealing tops streaming games to an audience of several hundred viewers.

Whilst here I stream my gameplay and get excited when more than 2 people watch me play :( #foreveralone

morganfell1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )


Ha ha. Yeah it is sad but parts of our hobby always get hijacked by the self absorbed crowd that only see gaming as another way to make a buck. Meanwhile the people showing an interesting take on a level have to share bandwidth beside these cads. I look at them no different than those people that join a gaming forum and post how their sister made $30K a month working from home.

uth111135d ago


Wife: why do you keep watching people play Candy Crush?

Me: No reason

Software_Lover1135d ago

Angry birds? That's so 2013. I will be streaming Kim Kardashian dress up!!!!!

Thehyph1135d ago

Angry birds is more like 2009, haha.

pompombrum1135d ago

That's nice.. now how about a proper Twitch app for PS4?

FarEastOrient1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

That's up to Twitch. The browser version works on the PS4 to see the other hardware streams.

FarEastOrient1135d ago

LOL, time to twitch some Clash of Clans >_> ...

_LarZen_1135d ago

Cool! I hope it finds it's way to iOS,Android and Windows phones asap.

Skate-AK1135d ago

Woooo. Can stream some Flappy Birds now.